December 15, 2022

Introducing Live Edit

Stipo Josipovic
Director of Product Management
Introducing Live Edit

For too long, analytics has been a solitary activity. One person sitting in front of a screen building out the analytics and insights that they think are necessary to address the needs of the business.   

When you want to share with a colleague, you’re emailing analytics files and hoping that you’re each working on the latest version or you’re waiting for the other person to be “out of the dashboard” so you can make your changes. 

Meanwhile tasks like working on spreadsheets, working on documents, and working on slide decks have been collaborative and easy for years. How hard is it these days to work together on a blog post or a slide deck inside tools like Google Docs or Slides?

It's time for analytics to move into the collaboration age.   

Today we're proud to introduce Live Edit for Sigma. For the first time ever, analytics have become a collaborative activity — we're not talking about just things like commenting and chatting. We're well beyond that.   

Imagine collaborating in real-time with colleagues to create dashboards, metrics, and building data stories — that’s Sigma Live Edit and it's here, today. 

With Live Edit, business users already accustomed to Sigma's easy-to-use spreadsheet-like interface, can now work with others in some very important ways.

Imagine a situation where you need to build out a dashboard for your sales organization. Which numbers do you use? What metrics are most important? What's the optimal way to arrange those visualizations or tables on the page so that makes the most sense for leadership? 

In the past, this would have been a cumbersome process of writing requirements, building hoping you got it right, and then most likely rebuilding. It’s different with Sigma Live Edit.

Now, the entire team can look at the same analytics workbook, no matter where they're located. Now they can each be adding moving, arranging, and tuning what they want to see — all live, all together, collaboratively.

With Sigma Live Edit, the process of working together with data is faster, easier, and more tightly integrated into regular, daily work than ever before. It requires no special training, no downloads, modules, or plugins — it’s built into every part of Sigma.

They say that if you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go together. We don’t think you should need to make that trade-off — at least not when it comes to analytics. Go far, go fast, go together in Sigma with our new Live Edit collaboration.

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