February Product Update Round-Up

2019 has been a busy year with the release of several updates to make your life better. In January we upgraded Charts. Since then, we added even more new chart options, improved sharing with new Dashboard functionality, and released new System functions.

Read on for more details on all of the exciting new things happening in Sigma.

 Even More Chart Options

  • Love custom colors? You can now create color palettes using Sigma colors or by specifying a color’s hex code.

  • Number lovers, we’ve got something great for you. Now you can add data labels to your bar charts! Learn how.
  • Combo charts got more powerful. Line values in a Combo Chart can be split by a Color field. This lets you layer a series of lines on top of a bar chart, have multi-color points on top of a line, and more.

  • When you make a chart, Sigma takes the best guess at what domain you want to see on the axes, but nobody’s perfect. When you need something custom, axis domains can now be set manually.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s happening on a chart without a little more context. Reference lines can now have labels, so you always know what’s going on.

New Functions

  • Making dates from date parts is easy with our new function MakeDate. Just specify the year, month, and day, and Sigma makes a column of dates.
  • Sigma has also added a new category of functions called System functions. These return a value based on who is currently viewing Sigma. CurrentUserEmail returns the current user’s email address, and CurrentUserInTeam returns True if the current user is a member of any of the given teams.

These functions together give you the ability to set up rules to filter a Worksheet based on who is currently viewing. It’s also the first steps to having row level security in Sigma. Stayed tuned for more updates on that in the coming month!

Better Dashboard Sharing

  • Like to share Dashboards with specific filters? Filters you currently applied to a dashboard can now be preserved in the URL.
  • If you love Sigma dashboards and want to display them on a screen, we’ve made that easier for you. Adding `?embed=true` to the end of a dashboard URL will make your dashboard full screen.
  • You can now schedule dashboard reports. This month we added PDF and PNG exports for dashboards. You can send yourself a Sigma dashboard any time, or set up a recurring email. Productivity: increased.

Other Updates

  • For everyone who can’t quite give up SQL, we’ve made it easier to use in Sigma. When creating a worksheet from SQL, you can now use our data warehouse browser to select your data warehouse, schema or table. The editor also has syntax highlighting, reformatting, and various helpful shortcuts.

  • Going on an organization spree? You’ll love multi-select. The left hand navigation rail now supports selecting multiple documents to move or delete. When you hover over a document name, you’ll see a checkbox appear to the left. Click in the check box to open multi-select mode. Organize to your heart’s content!

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