On-Demand Webinar

What’s New in Sigma

May 2021

Do even more with your data thanks to Sigma’s new features, including account time zones, visibility into embedded dashboards and materialized datasets, and a template to track Snowflake reader account costs!

Curious to learn about the newest Sigma features and capabilities? This May 2021 edition includes in-depth demos of our latest capabilities, how they work, and how they deliver business value to you and your organization. Hear about our latest updates, including:

  • Account Time Zones: Allows Sigma administrators to present time-based data values in their organization’s preferred time zone instead of Sigma’s default UTC.
  • Embedded Dashboards Usage Data: In the Sigma Admin portal, easily see how each Application Embedding dashboard is being used and by whom. You can use this to measure and optimize content.
  • Materialized Dataset Visibility: In the Sigma Admin portal, view a complete list of materialized Sigma datasets, including status, schedule, and last refreshed. This helps ensure fast queries on accurate data.
  • Snowflake Reader Account Costs Template: This new template allows Admins to quickly keep tabs on Snowflake Reader account compute costs and credit consumption.


Jon Avrach

Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma

Joe Goldberg

Director of Product Marketing at Sigma Computing