On-Demand Webinar

Fireside Chat: How to Build Your Company on a Cloud Analytics Stack

Uber. Spotify. Duolingo. Tesla. These are just a few successful startups that have gone on to enjoy meteoric success and become household names.

But how did these once tiny companies take down powerful incumbents and completely disrupt their industries? While there are several unique factors in their rise to success, the common link can be summed up in one word: data.

Watch on-demand to hear three founders and executives from some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies as they explain why and how they built their businesses on a modern cloud data analytics stack.

This on-demand webinar features:

  • How to evaluate data pipeline, cloud data platform, and data analytics solutions
  • Ways to take advantage of the automation and elasticity the cloud makes possible
  • Strategies for leveraging all of the data siloed across the apps you’re already using
  • Tactics for turning data analytics into actionable strategies that generate business outcomes


David Oates – CEO and Founder @ Curtsy
George Durzi – Chief Technology Officer @ Amuse
Derrick Dinglasan – Founder, Chief Product and Growth Officer @ Opte

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