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Building a Self-Service BI Framework

A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Modeling in Sigma

How to build a true self-service BI framework

According to Snowflake’s Chief Technical Evangelist and “Data Warrior” Kent Graziano, data modeling is more important than ever before. Semi-structured data is pouring in across new data sources, and self-service BI tools require data to be approachable for everyone in the organization — not just data experts.

Sigma is taking a new, collaborative approach to data modeling that frees data experts from lengthy modeling processes, guesswork around business needs, and reporting request queues. See how Sigma brings line of business teams into the modeling conversation and enables companies to:

  • Empower non-technical teams to contribute to data models with no SQL required
  • Leverage Sigma models from the warehouse to create a single source of truth
  • Easily update and adapt models in a few click as processes change over time
  • Allow teams to explore data ad-hoc without changing models or extracting data

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