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A Spreadsheet Experience at Snowflake Scale

How BI Experts Empower Teams to Drive Business Outcomes with Sigma

Analyst research shows that top performing companies make high-quality decisions faster and with less effort than their competitors.

Unfortunately, most tools intended to help organizations make high-quality, data-driven decisions require BI experts to expend time and effort pulling countless ad hoc reports for their line of business colleagues. Time to insight slows to a snail’s pace.

That’s why 62% of businesses say true self-service BI is essential in 2020. A BI expert’s ability to transform data into a company-wide asset that drives business outcomes not only fuels faster and more impactful decision making, but it’s also the key to achieving organizational influence and leadership.

Hear how Migo’s self-service BI stack ultimately led to a 47% improvement in marketing campaign response rates and other critical business outcomes. Experts from Migo, Snowflake, and Sigma will discuss:

  • Tactics, training, and tools business teams need to effectively self-service
  • How Migo’s BI team helped marketing achieve an 11% increase in campaign ROI
  • Strategies to strike a balance between data access and control
  • The ins and outs of Migo’s cloud data analytics architecture
  • And much more!


  • Joseph Bates, Analytics Architect @ Migo
  • Alex Harvey, Marketing Lead @ Migo
  • Jeremy Maranitch, Strategic Alliances Manager @ Snowflake
  • Kristian Fennessy, Solution Engineer @ Sigma Computing

Watch the Webinar: