phData Customer Marketing Value Analysis

Personalized marketing that is informed by data analytics can lead to increased engagement, loyalty, and revenue, as it creates a more engaging and relevant experience for each individual. It establishes a deeper connection between the consumer and the brand, strengthening emotional attachment and increasing trust.

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About The Data 

This data is Plugs Electronic data that was created by Sigma Computing and hosted on the Snowflake Data Cloud. The data is grouped by the order number at the product name/SKU level and contains customer identifiers.

Who Is This Dashboard For

This dashboard is intended for Marketing Analysts or Marketing Team members. These users would range from little/no to moderate levels of technical ability. This dashboard helps promote sales and saves time by providing an automated but customizable way to assign targeted marketing campaigns to customers. 

The Customer Value and Maturity Matrix tab establishes the average customer behavior based on order count, average order value (AOV), and time since their first purchase. Customers are assigned a quadrant (i.e., High and Low Order Count and AOV) compared to the entire customer base. Then they are compared to their own quadrant’s averages to establish a potential. Their potential is based on similar identifiers, helping find newer customers who are acting like the most valuable customers. 

On the Customer Potential List tab, a Marketing Team member could view an individual’s calculated potential and then manually override their potential, using an Input Table, to change which marketing campaign the customer would receive. They can explore different combinations of customer behavior metrics to find other outliers.  

Once edited, this workbook could use Sigma’s Hightouch integration to automatically update your company’s marketing software, making it easy to connect the analysis to an action step.

Below is an example data flow using Snowflake, Sigma, and Hightouch to allow for consuming and interacting with various data sources. Input Tables are currently only available on Snowflake connections. To learn more about Sigma & Snowflake, contact phData!


Analytics can provide valuable insights into your business, but those insights are only as useful as the actions or decisions they inform. That’s where Sigma Computing comes in. This dashboard showcases how Sigma Computing’s features make it easy to perform various analyses while allowing users to interject when needed. 

By automating analysis and providing easy adaptability to exceptions and outliers, Sigma Computing can save your organization time and provide actionable insights that drive business growth.

Are you interested in implementing a similar solution as demonstrated in this sample dashboard to gain insights into your customers’ behavior and improve your marketing campaigns? 

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