On-Demand Webinar

How to Build the Dashboard of Your CMO’s Dreams

Your marketing team has come to you with a “simple” request. They’d like you to integrate their nearly two dozen marketing data sources, pick out the KPIs that matter most, and package them up in a polished, easy-to-read dashboard for the CMO. And they’d like it next week. Sound familiar?

It’s no surprise that marketers are always eager to add new tools and data sources in their quest to learn everything they can about their audiences, but the burden often falls on analytics and BI teams to make sense of it all and package the insights up into a format most people understand: the dashboard.

But building marketing dashboards doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Instead, it can be an opportunity to impact business goals, build data literacy, and expand your influence.

Listen as Migo’s Analytics Architect, Joseph Bates, and Marketing Lead, Alex Harvey, along with BI experts from Sigma as they walk you through specific methods, strategies, and best practices for building the ultimate marketing dashboards.

Originally hosted by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), this webinar will teach viewers:

  • How to integrate and normalize data from multiple marketing sources
  • Dynamic dashboard design best practices and tactics
  • The 3 most impactful metrics every marketer should care about
  • Ways to enable executives to dig deeper into the data themselves

Watch the Webinar: