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How Teachable Reimagined Its Analytics Workflow with Sigma

Is your business’ data analytics workflow a company-wide asset, or is it holding you back?

Traditional analytics workflows are a vicious cycle of high-level dashboards, BI request queues, and siloed data extracts. This time-consuming approach to analytics doesn’t cut it in our new normal.

“We spend so much time and money investing in our analytics stack, but Looker was a wall that kept us from taking advantage of the new architecture.”

Teachable, the leader in online course and coaching development, was stuck in this cycle — until they decided to use Sigma and reimagine what their analytics workflow could be.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How Teachable used Sigma to reduce ad-hoc requests for the data team by 70% and increase user reporting by 15x
  • The 3 key ways Sigma empowers ‘non-data’ people to do self-service analytics that accelerates data-driven decisions
  • Why 90% of users are leveraging Sigma each month


Catherine Geewax, Regional Sales Manager at Sigma Computing

Ricardo da Silva, Customer Success Manager at Sigma Computing

Peter Jaffe, Head of Data at Teachable

Charles Jin, Financial Analyst at Teachable

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