October 13, 2020

Sigma Helps Yesware’s Marketing Team Make Data the Driver Behind Every Decision

SAN FRANCISCO – October 13, 2020 – Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud analytics and business intelligence for enterprise teams, has helped Yesware achieve its goal to become 100 percent data-driven by 2021 – several months ahead of schedule. The sales productivity platform has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, but siloed data sources and complicated tools made it nearly impossible for the marketing team to see a complete picture of the buyer’s journey. Since deploying Sigma, they now track the entire customer experience lifecycle from the first impression to raving fan, which led the team to discover a new source that accounted for 50 percent of trials and helped them cut their customer acquisition cost (CAC) by half. “There’s an old saying that half the money spent on advertising is wasted; the trouble is you don’t know which half,” said Yesware CEO Joel Stevenson. “That used to be the case at Yesware, but not anymore. With Sigma, we can pinpoint in real time which marketing channels are working, which are not, and where we should pivot to achieve the best returns on our investment.”

Leveraging Snowflake, a cloud data platform, and Sigma, the marketing team now has access to data from its product, Customer.io, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Zendesk, as well as Google and Facebook ads. The team is able to marry web and product data using Sigma, helping the marketing team to understand how users continue to interact on the Yesware platform over time and see when trials expand in organizations through existing users. With Sigma, Yesware is now able to take a surgical approach to funnel optimization, identify the highest quality leads to focus on, and reduce ad spend while simultaneously increasing sales. “Finding useful data was a disaster before Snowflake and Sigma,” said Yesware VP of Sales and Marketing Ian Adams. “You had to go into a bunch of different systems to find data and people would eventually give up because it was too complicated and time-consuming to stitch the story together, so decisions were being made based on gut feelings and not on data, which led to a lot of money wasted on marketing campaigns that didn’t produce results. With Sigma, the whole marketing team can access and analyze live data independently and has visibility into the entire sales funnel to easily track conversions across all channels.”

Read the complete Yesware case study to learn how the Yesware marketing team is able to make data-driven decisions 50 percent faster now and how that translates to better results and outcomes for the whole company. Experts from Snowflake and Sigma will join Adams to share how leading marketing teams are using cloud analytics to answer mission-critical questions. “The challenges Yesware faced before implementing Snowflake and Sigma – siloed data, wasted resources, and lack of visibility into critical stages of the buyer’s journey – are far too common for marketing teams,” said Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer. “Luckily, these issues quickly become a thing of the past with a cloud data analytics stack. As Yesware knows all too well, agility and the speed at which marketers are able to make data-driven decisions can determine the success – or failure – of a campaign. Marketers need answers the moment they have questions and the fastest path to decisions being made is to give them direct access to data and the right tools to analyze it themselves.”

High-performance sales teams at more than 10,000 companies, including Twitter, Spotify, and Zendesk, use the Yesware add-on for O365 and Gmail to prospect, schedule meetings, and follow up with customers – right from their inboxes. On average, sales professionals using Yesware are 48 percent more likely to connect with customers, book twice as many meetings, and increase sales by 20 percent. Yesware also gives sales management the power to track, analyze, and standardize successful workflows and processes to maximize success for the entire team.