January 30, 2020

Sigma Computing Wins Award for Best Innovation in Enterprise Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO - January 30, 2020 - Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud analytics and business intelligence (A&BI), today announced the company’s flagship software has won the 2020 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in Enterprise Solutions. These awards recognize technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the developer technology industry. Sigma was selected based on three criteria: 1) attracted attention, awareness, and adoption; 2) general well-regard by the developer, engineering, and IT community; and 3) being a leader in the company’s sector for innovation.

“Everyone at Sigma, especially the engineering team, is incredibly honored to be recognized by the prestigious developer community,” said Sigma Computing Vice President of Engineering Latha Colby. “We all strive for excellence every day in pursuit of our mission to make data exploration possible for anyone that is curious about the insights they may discover if given the freedom to analyze data themselves. This award reassures us that we are on the right path, helping organizations to finally become data-driven from top to bottom.”

Sigma empowers anybody to join the data conversation through its no code, spreadsheet-like interface. Customers like Zumper, Volta Charging, and Olivela, all use Sigma for data exploration and real-time insights. Zumper decreased average query time from 38 minutes to 38 seconds, Volta reduced engineering time required for business data reporting by over 90 percent, and Olivela cut dashboard creation time from three weeks to just two hours with Sigma.

"Developer tools and solutions are continuing to grow in their importance to a global technology business' operations. Sigma Computing is a great example of the new era of products and services allowing developers and engineers to have a greater impact on a company's bottom line,” said DevNetwork CEO and DeveloperWeek Producer Geoff Domoracki.


Sigma is the first enterprise-ready cloud analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) solution designed to run natively on cloud data warehouses (CDWs). Providing live, guided access to CDWs, Sigma maximizes their value, eliminates the need to change data models as new questions arise, and transforms A&BI into an iterative process. The Sigma Spreadsheet empowers anyone to analyze data  - without code or extracts - and make insight-driven decisions quickly, freeing data experts to focus on more innovative, fulfilling initiatives. Sigma powers a community-driven approach to A&BI and delivers on the self-service promise. https://www.sigmacomputing.com/