Buyer’s Guide

Analytics & Business Intelligence Software Buyer’s Kit

Everything You Need to Know When Buying an ABI Solution

It’s been proven that data-driven companies are 23x more likely to acquire customers, 6x as likely to retain those customers, and 19x as likely to be profitable as a result when compared to non-data-focused businesses.¹ So it’s no wonder that leading companies are investing major dollars in analytics and BI (ABI) solutions faster than ever before.

The BI market is a $23 billion industry² with hundreds of players, each promising to deliver transformational business insights faster and more easily than the rest. When pressed to make a purchase decision, how do data and BI leaders know where to place their bets?

Choosing the right solution for your company’s needs is a truly daunting task with dozens of difficult and important questions: Should it be SQL-based? How does it balance data access with security and compliance? Are analyses reusable across teams and applications?

This ABI buyer’s kit provides a collection of key materials designed to help data leaders identify and define critical solution requirements, more efficiently evaluate BI vendors, and pinpoint the best option for their company. The kit includes:

  • eBook: 7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating ABI SoftwareQuickly narrow down the playing field and identify any red flags with the 7 most revealing and critical questions to ask vendors during the ABI evaluation process
  • eBook: Uncovering the Hidden Costs of ABI SolutionsLearn how to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your BI investment and common pitfalls to look for to avoid surprise costs down the line.
  • A&BI RFP TemplateLeverage and adapt this ready-made RFP template to make sure you get detailed information about the ABI features and functionality that truly matter.
  • Data Analytics Maturity AnalysisDiscover where your company ranks on the data analytics maturity spectrum to pinpoint key areas of need and opportunity.
  • Guide: Realizing the True ROI of ABISee how Payload and Migo use ABI to generate game-changing business outcomes while achieving significant cost, time, and resource savings.
  • Survey Report: The Data Language BarrierThis survey of 801 data/BI experts and 800 line of business leaders uncovers mutual frustrations due to a growing data language barrier, and sheds light on how businesses can improve overall performance by better supporting these teams.



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