If you can spreadsheet, you can Sigma

With Sigma's intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, users can analyze, visualize, and collaborate — all at the scale and speed of business demands.

You’re only minutes from analyzing all the data in your data warehouse in Sigma.

Sigma connects to your modern cloud data warehouse and lets you start looking at your data now, not in a few days or weeks.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Add your credentials and start looking at your data. It’s that easy. We’d love to tell you more, but really, it’s that easy to connect to your data. Enough said.

Modeling Data (or NOT Modeling Data)

Have a data model? Great! Let’s use it. No data model? Awesome! Use Sigma to start exploring model-free. It’s your choice.

Write Back with Ease

Have complex queries or huge datasets you need on a regular basis? Have Sigma write them back to your data warehouse for the ultimate in speedy performance. We call it “materialization," you’ll call it amazing.

Plays Well with Others

Sigma partners with the leading technologies that make up the modern data stack so that whatever you use — Sigma has you covered.

No boundaries. Follow your data wherever your analysis leads you.

By making all the data in the cloud data warehouse available, you're never limited in the questions you can ask.

Data is the Focus

While others focus on charts, we think the data is the heart of a good data-driven investigation. Use our fast, flexible spreadsheet interface to add, group, and calculate with ease. 

All of Your Cloud Data

Making decisions based on limited, aggregated data is risky. With Sigma, you use everything in your cloud data warehouse for better and less-risky decision-making.

Explore Without Bounds

No one is satisfied by just looking at rolled-up data. You need the details. Sigma has all your data and lets you explore freely. Drill all the way to the specific transaction or item you need without having to specify a “drill path” in advance. Every data insight is at your fingertips with Sigma.

Plan for ‘What If’

Old-school business intelligence falls apart as soon as you ask “what if...” Not Sigma. Bring in new data, add new calculations, group, color-code, pivot  — all at massive scale  — and ask the all-important “what if” from your data. It’s how you think and it’s how we’re built.

No more "cut, paste, email, and wait".
No more wondering what others are thinking.

Remember the days when you had to paste charts into email to share with your team? Not with Sigma.

Sigma is built for collaboration in editing, exploring, and sharing with others. Get everyone involved in data insights in a few clicks.

The Fastest Way to Build Together

The waterfall way of building analytics is too slow and cumbersome for today’s business pace. With Sigma, engineers and business people can visually collaborate and iterate on data, metrics, and visualizations, leaving a trail of SQL that can be used for audit and optimization.

Explore as a Team

Cutting & pasting into email or slides is silly and outdated. With Sigma, you can view, explore, and analyze together with your team. Find insights in real-time directly from the data warehouse source so you can act immediately.

Edit with Others

You could play the back-and-forth game trying to build exactly the analysis your manager wants to see... Or you could edit together in Sigma. See exactly what you’ll get, the data you’ll use, and make changes instantly. Together.

Take Note of What’s Happening

Where do your past actions and analyses of your data live? In your email? A presentation somewhere? If you have Sigma, you can add comments, notes, and analysis right alongside your charts and data so you never have to wonder “What did we do here?” again.

Built for Security, Governance, and Automation.

Exploring the deepest levels of your data needs to be done securely. Generating insights in real time shouldn’t be a management burden.
Wondering “when did this get changed” shouldn't be a daily challenge.
Sigma has you covered.

Your Data is Secure

With Sigma, your data never leaves the data warehouse. Nothing. Nada. No extracts, no caching, no data in transit, nothing. Everything stays where it belongs and all operations are executed inside the warehouse.

Automation to Make it Easy

Sigma gives you a full set of APIs for those actions that take time and test patience to perform. Administrative actions like adding users, changing permissions, and publishing workbooks is easy with Sigma automation.

Fine-Grained Governance

With Sigma, you get row-level and role-based security to make sure that the right data goes to the right person. We support key security protocols like GDPR, SAS70, AWS Private Link, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, CCPA, CSA, SOC 3, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 1 Type II.

Flexible Workload Management

Since all your data is stored and all your computations are done in the cloud, wouldn’t it be nice to easily monitor that workload? Sigma gives you the tools you need to manage your cloud workload and better plan your cloud resource use.

Embed Data Exploration for Your Customers and Vendors and Network and...

Your customers and partners need analytics, too. And just like your employees, your extended network also needs more than just pretty charts. They need to explore the data wherever it leads.
Enter Sigma.

A First-Class Experience

Most embedded analytics are limited to a few static charts. Not so with Sigma. We let you give the entire Sigma experience to your users. They get the same capabilities you can give your employees  — unlimited data, no boundary exploration, and real-time insights.

No Need for Training

When you embed analytics with Sigma, your customers get the same spreadsheet-based interface your employees have. That means you don’t get all those “how does this work” questions and even better, you don’t get frustrated customers.

No App? No Portal? No Problem.

What if your vendor needs to see data but you don’t have a portal or an app? Enter Sigma guest users. Give partners and vendors access to only the data they need with the same powerful interface and exploration capabilities, limited by your security policies.

True Self-Service Options (with Security)

When you embed Sigma, you embed options. Give your users read-only analytics... or give them the ability to build, change, share, and save new insights on their data. Of course, it comes with all the security and controls you need to safely manage embedded analytics.

We Are Sigma

Sigma is a cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in realtime.