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The Well Reduced Turnaround Time of Data Delivery to Clients by 90% with Sigma


With no code or SQL expertise, The Well’s data analytics team is able to offer higher quality data to their clients and reduce the turnaround time of data delivery to clients by 90%, from 2-3 weeks down to 2-3 days.


Sigma enabled The Well to increase capacity by at least 200% without hiring any additional headcount.

The Well was able to automate their dashboards and move away from Excel and Powerpoint; as well as enable business users to explore, analyze, and dive deep into their data without the intervention of a data team.


The Well

About The Well

The Well is a data, analytics, and insights provider focused on the BevAlc category at quick-commerce retail. The Well's data runs deep and comes directly from the retailer - not only transactions, but transactions tied to brand-buyer audience segments and self-reported data. The Well is headquartered in Nashville, TN.The Well is a wholly owned subsidiary of Groundswell Experiential Holdings, LLC, parent company of Groundswell Experiential Marketing. Groundswell is a full-service experiential agency crafting experiences that are grounded in reality and inspired by vision.

The Challenge
Streamlining Dashboard Creation and Data Delivery for Clients

As The Well rapidly grew, so did its customer base. The Well creates detailed dashboards and performs complex data analytics for its clients. They want to offer quick, quality, and high service results to continue building strong relationships with their customers.

With clients asking for multiple, customized visualizations to serve the 60+ brands they work with, The Well struggled to quickly scale and analyze the large data sets to deliver high-quality reporting and insights. The process took Jose Ortiz, Analytics Manager, up to 3 weeks per reporting cycle. The Well was primarily using Excel and Powerpoint and had to work with multiple extracts, inaccurate, and stale data sets before finally being able to deliver clean reports for their customers to explore and drive insights from.

“Turnaround times are a thing of the past. We can have new data in front of clients within hours; something that previously took days or weeks.”

The challenge for Carrie Chadwick, SVP and General Manager, Jose, and their team, was to receive raw transactional data from a large quick-commerce retailer and clean/enhance the data into easy-to-read, accurate, and actionable reporting for each of their clients. And when working with retail transactions, timing is everything or the data is not actionable. This work required at least 80%-90% of the company’s available resource hours, making it difficult to focus on bringing in new clients in order to meet their growth goals. They needed a faster and more scalable solution than Excel and Powerpoint.

The Sigma Solution
Sigma & Snowflake Data Sharing

Traditional data sharing is slow and not secure. Extracting and analyzing data from Excel takes time and ultimately causes more questions to arise. This paradigm is very common in traditional BI tools. However, Sigma is the first cloud-native data analytics solution that breaks this paradigm.

The Snowflake Data Cloud allows easy transformation and delivery of large datasets via Snowflake Data Sharing. Sigma leverages the power and scale of Snowflake enabling business users to explore, analyze, drill, and visualize data from the source. The Well is able to share insights in the form of dashboards directly with its clients.

Enable On-Demand Actionable Insights Quickly Via Customizable Dashboards

“The appreciation and excitement from clients around our Sigma dashboards were incredibly rewarding…our reporting got better overnight without any additional investment in headcount.”

With Sigma in place, The Well began developing dashboards for their eight main clients, providing powerful visualizations but allowing clients to self-serve when an immediate need came up. The Well’s analytics team created dashboards that automatically update and can be explored at a much more granular level thanks to Sigma’s cloud-scale spreadsheet interface. This enabled The Well’s customers to receive data much more quickly, but also answer their ad hoc questions without having to extract, model data, or go to the analytics team for help. This allowed The Well to reallocate almost 100% of resources from trouble-shooting and editing to deeper and more powerful insight development and data storytelling.

The Results
90% Reduction in Data Turnaround time

“Now that our Sigma dashboards are in place, we are strongly positioned to scale up and continue to deliver high quality, powerful data analytics to all new clients that we bring on board.”

With the implementation of Sigma, The Well is able to give their clients automated dashboards constantly updated with the latest data from their Data Cloud, enabling self-service analytics across all their clients. By eliminating extracts and data modeling, The Well shortened the time to report delivery by 90%, enabling its data team to focus on revenue growth by bringing in more clients.

With Sigma’s easy-to-use and familiar spreadsheet interface, The Well and its customers can dig into the data underneath the dashboards, easily identify transactional data inefficiencies, and give customers the power to take control of their own data.

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We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions or rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in realtime.