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Certified Innovative

Create. Build. Change. Pioneer. Introduce. Launch. Start. Invent…Innovate.

Sigma is excited to announce that we have been selected as one of Fast Company’s Best 100 Workplaces for Innovators! We strive to promote a strong, positive, fun work culture where everyone can engage and succeed.

Sigma aims to be at the forefront of innovation in the data analytics industry, but we can only do that if we have the right culture to drive this. We are constantly improving our product and organization by bringing on brilliant talent with vastly diverse backgrounds. It is this culture that creates the innovative hub and our ability to perform at our best for our partners and customers.

Why is Sigma such a great place for innovators? Check out what our own team has to say:

Collaboration. I think Sigma is a great place to work for innovators because no matter what role you are in, you’re easily able to collaborate with other teams. It doesn’t matter if you are an entry level employee or a C-Suite exec! Sigma has an open-door policy where curious-minded thinkers are able to explore and feel supported by their teams!

Maeve von Rosenvinge

BDR Manager

Authenticity. I can be myself and everyone is incredibly great to work with. The organization is heavily built around a culture where everyone sets each other up for success. Doesn’t matter what your position/department/leveling is, everyone will always look to help you.

Kyle Poe

Recruiting Coordinator

Ownership. Everyone at Sigma views it as their own company and they all accept their responsibilities and make contributions in the same manner. Despite the fact that I am an intern here, every team member respects my viewpoints and working style. Such a work environment fosters responsibility in us and aids in our personal growth as well as the growth of the company.

Suresh Mula

Software Engineer Intern

Freedom to Explore. Sigma is a great place to work because you have the freedom to experiment and do things your own way. I hear so many friends tell me that they wish they had the freedom to experiment and try something new, instead of following an inefficient 10-step process created by someone 5 levels removed. At Sigma, we’re given the freedom to take chances and try out new ideas.

Collin Quigley


Everyone has a voice. We provide everyone a voice. Given the openness of our slack channels and the free flow of ideas it is extremely easy to voice a concern and improve the product and processes internally. We all respect one another and make people feel included which not only fosters an amazing community but also a level of trust people need to feel comfortable voicing their ideas.

Shawn Namdar

Partner Engineer

Creativity. We are given a lot of latitude to produce and innovate within flexible guidelines. Execs are very approachable and receptive to new ideas. Sigma knows that we must move fast to gain market share and the exec team encourages creative thinking to solve problems and drive future developments.

Tom Willard

Documentation Lead

Culture. The culture our team has created is the core of allowing us to be innovative. The leadership team supports this and understands there are many ways to solve data problems. Sigma’s platform has to be flexible in order to meet the diverse needs of our many customers. Innovation and flexibility go hand in hand and within Sigma we are constantly pushing ourselves and our technology to meet the market’s demand.

Marit Taylor

Solutions Engineer

Learning. Sigma encourages their employees to learn and grow by establishing a culture which rewards taking risks and trying new things. As an engineer, I feel very lucky to have ended up at Sigma. Because of the culture, I know I have learned much more here in just a year than I would have learned at any other company.

Madison Chamberlain

Software Engineer (QLC)

Growth. It’s refreshing to be at a company that values personal growth, encourages continuous learning, and gives you the opportunity to pivot within other areas of the business. I love that Sigma has created a culture where curiosity is appreciated and contributions are recognized. It’s an amazing feeling to be at a company that makes you feel seen!”

Miranda Rivera

Partner Team Coordinator

Fun. Innovating is fun and far easier when you’re having a good time at it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we laugh a great deal which creates a sense of ease and belonging. Ideas flow far more freely when people are enjoying themselves trying out new ideas, ways of doing things or approaches to hard challenges. Even when it gets hard, I have rarely had a day at Sigma without laughing with my colleagues and with that laughter, we’ve invented very cool stuff.

Julie Lemieux

VP Product Experience

What Makes Sigma Innovative?

We want to help our customers solve complex problems by enabling their teams to answer their own questions in a truly self-serving way. By giving users the familiar look and feel of a traditional spreadsheet interface they can quickly dive into their data and begin generating insights. With the speed and scalability of the cloud, business users can utilize Sigma to drill through billions of rows of data down to the most granular level in a no-code, governed, and collaborative environment.

Looking Forward

At Sigma, we aim to have a diverse and equitable work environment where everyone can feel comfortable and supported by leadership and their coworkers. We will continue to make sure our culture improves as our organization grows.

Check out our careers page if you are interested in learning more about us or apply to join our growing team!