Building Superpowers for a Billion Spreadsheet Users

Rob Woollen & Jason Frantz

Co-founders, Sigma Computing

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a Series C to continue the growth of Sigma. In the past year, we’ve doubled our number of customers, tripled our revenue, and doubled the size of our team. While funding is not a goal in and of itself, it represents a major milestone for the team that sets us up to build the future.

Huge advances in the last 10 years in cloud data infrastructure like Snowflake and BigQuery have redrawn the contours of how data can be leveraged in a business. Our mission at Sigma is to bring that power to work with infinite scale, real-time data into the familiar interface of a spreadsheet that a billion business users use on a daily basis. We believe that this is a giant market of smart people that have either been ignored by more technical tools or have been given simple tools that only allow them to ask simple questions.

Our funding allows us to invest more heavily in:

  1. Computing answers faster. Speed is often the best feature and we are constantly searching for ways to provide results quicker on top of larger and larger data sets.
  2. Making it easier to explore, experiment with, analyze, and visualize data. We build our product under the strong belief that the world is filled with smart people who are experts in their domain. Our goal at Sigma is to give those people freedom to use and act on their knowledge.
  3. Collaboration. No one works alone, so data analysis should leverage patterns from modern software development that allow people to work together, whether that means iterating on the same or building on top of work that was already done by someone else.

If these sound like the types of problems that excite you, consider joining us. We’re hiring for a variety of roles.

View our official funding announcement 


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