February 23, 2023

Better Together: Fivetran Monitoring with Sigma Template Now Available

Sigma Team
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Better Together: Fivetran Monitoring with Sigma Template Now Available

Fivetran and Sigma are essential components of the modern data stack, enabling fast, reliable reporting with end-to-end automation. Fivetran moves data from its source to your cloud destination of choice without friction, and Sigma allows users to explore it at scale. Today, we’re announcing a new way of working together that makes monitoring cost and performance of Fivetran connectors easier than ever. 

Fivetran’s goal is to democratize access to data by making every facet of data integration as easy as possible so that users can gather insights they need to make good decisions. Now you can monitor the usage of your data through a new Sigma template used with one of Fivetran’s Quickstart data models. The result? You’re now able to proactively manage costs down and performance. 

Why Measuring Connector Performance Matters

Gaining insight into Fivetran connector data requires both an accurate and detailed breakdown of both connector compute and performance. Here’s how this happens:

Fivetran first extracts data from various sources, loads it into a centralized destination, and also transforms the data to make it analytics-ready (a process known as ELT.) To automate this process, Fivetran provides hundreds of pre-built connectors that extract and load data from popular sources like Salesforce, Shopify, and Jira into a cloud data warehouse (CDW), with the ability to transform the data as well. That data can then be understood by business users with Sigma.

While Fivetran offers outstanding reliability–with 99.9% uptime–sometimes issues arise. This is where Sigma’s Fivetran Usage template comes in. By identifying issues proactively, users can mitigate any connector issues and ensure the most up-to-date data is available to make accurate decisions.

Sigma’s Fivetran Usage Template allows users to monitor Fivetran performance, consumption, and cost with no code.

Introducing a No-Code Monitoring Tool for Fivetran Connectors

So what does Sigma’s Fivetran Usage Template provide? Simply put, all the metrics you need to be confident your Fivetran connectors are operating efficiently. The template surfaces analytics about your Fivetran platform, and contains metrics and analysis of:

  • Monthly Active Row (MAR) Consumption
  • Connector Health & Performance
  • Forced Resyncs, Erors, & Failures
  • Free vs. Total MAR

When faced with a spike in Fivetran Usage, users no longer need to spend hours digging through application logs in a tedious root cause analysis exercise. Sigma’s template visually identifies anomalous usage and allows users to investigate patterns over time, drilling down to the destination, schema, and table to identify exactly what issue led to an unexpected change in consumption. 

Additionally, Fivetran users can now proactively manage consumption. With Sigma’s new Template, users may set their Monthly Spend Target and schedule email or Slack alerts when they approach it. All with no code.

This easy-to-use tool saves time, money, and headaches, giving users a single-pane-of-glass view into their Fivetran operational metrics. And it’s free for every Fivetran and Sigma customer. 

Try out the dashboard for yourself in our interactive demo, and stay tuned for another post that will provide instructions to set up Sigma’s Fivetran Usage Template.

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