September 13, 2022

5 Reasons Sigma and Snowflake are Better Together

Nazim Foufa
Marketing Content Specialist
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5 Reasons Sigma and Snowflake are Better Together

Sigma is excited to announce that we have achieved Snowflake competency badges across five different industries! Sigma is now certified in Retail + CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, and Technology.

As we continue enabling businesses to tell stories and drive insights through data, we are thrilled to be an elite Snowflake technology partner. Snowflake is a single global platform that powers the data cloud with near-unlimited potential.

Sigma is delivering a live spreadsheet experience at Snowflake scale. Sigma’s cloud analytics and BI platform empowers business users to tap into Snowflake's virtually unlimited scale and speed so any permissioned user can freely join, calculate, and filter through billions of rows of real-time data for the ultimate insights.

Snowflake Partner Competency Program

The Snowflake competency program rewards and validates partners for their Snowflake expertise and ability to drive customer impact across the Data Cloud Ecosystem.

Five Badges - Five Industries

  • Retail and CPG:Don’t wait weeks or months to answer ad hoc requests. Push insights to store managers, understand buyer demographics, product affinity, and stock optimization in minutes!
  • Financial Services: Multi-billion row datasets analyzed in one place. Save time and make investment decisions faster while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.
  • Healthcare Life Sciences: Healthcare company eliminated back and forth with data teams. Can now explore live data, deliver a higher level of service, and improve service performance efficiency.
  • Media and Entertainment: Media company with billions of rows of data leveraged Sigma to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. By eliminating extracts, identifying discrepancies, and reducing payment time.
  • Technology: Large electric vehicle charging company reduced time spent on ad hoc requests by 90%. Sigma enabled more accurate and timely data-driven decisions throughout the business.

Want to learn more about how Sigma and Snowflake are taking data to the next level? Join us during the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour as we dive into the world of data across the country in five major cities!