Retail & CPG Business Intelligence

Sigma’s cloud analytics solution empowers retailers of all sizes to fully harness their data to identify and understand buyers, influence their purchase decisions, and maximize revenue.

For Retail Merchandisers

Access and holistically analyze live data from across retail systems to personalize experiences, optimize product placements, and develop cross-sell strategies on demand — all without having to know code or wait on your BI team for answers.

  • Understand the end-to-end customer journey

    From first-touch to loyalty, Sigma enables you to combine, curate, and analyze billions of data points from across ad platforms, inventory systems, and other sources. Optimize messaging, engagement, and product mix at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

  • Use real-time data to tap into trends

    Sigma connects directly to your BI team’s cloud data platform, so you always have access to the live data you need to fuel personalized and on-trend customer experiences. Plus, all your analyses are updated automatically, so you can revisit and reuse them anytime.

  • Surface actionable insights that drive revenue

    If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you know how to use Sigma., Use Sigma's spreadsheet interface to investigate data down to the individual transaction or SKU level and gain insight into customer segments, best-selling products, highest-converting channels, and more.

We use Sigma to quickly surface information about our inventory position which enables our sales and planning teams to make the best decisions possible.

Tophi Rose

Director if Analytics at Data at Lovepop

For Retail Data Teams

Free yourself from report factory hell when you empower domain experts across the organization to independently investigate data and find answers at cloud speed and scale — all without sacrificing security, governance, or compliance.

  • Harness the full power of the cloud

    Leverage the virtually limitless speed, scale, and processing power of your cloud data platform. Join dozens of data sources, query billions of rows of live data, and quickly drill down to granular-level detail in minutes with just a few clicks.

  • Empower teams to self-serve

    Now business teams can independently explore row-level data, perform cohort analysis, model scenarios, and more. Sigma’s powerful spreadsheet-like interface and formulas make it possible for anyone to ask questions and find answers in their data — no coding required.

  • Keep your data secure and governed

    With Sigma, data stays in the safest place possible — your cloud data platform. Ensure data is fresh and accurate while eliminating risky extracts with direct yet governed data access for all. Uphold security and compliance standards with team workspaces, role-based permissions, audit logs, row-level security, and more.

How Retailers Use Sigma

Product affinity and market basket analysis

Are delays caused by data silos and scalability issues causing you to miss out on timely trends or abandoned cart opportunities? With Sigma, you can leverage the compute power and scalability of the cloud to analyze real-time checkout data during peak seasons like the holidays. Combine your PoS data with online transaction, product information, clickstream, loyalty program, and omni-channel customer data to uncover cross-selling opportunities and better target in-store and online marketing.

Product mix and placement

Nailing the right mix of products has a big impact on sales as well as helps maximize profit and capacity. But margins, rate of sale, returns, and other factors can all affect the amount of revenue each item drives. With Sigma, retailers dig into overall sales by product line to examine performance by particular SKUs, splice that data further by region, zoom in on customer preferences and purchase behaviors, and more. Optimize product mix and placement and increase revenue through iterative analysis!

Recommendation optimization

A well-tuned recommendation engine can generate huge profits. But every person is unique, and building a meaningful picture of each customer and what fuels relevant recommendations at scale is extremely difficult. Sigma makes it possible to examine every customer touchpoint so you can develop recommendation rules by funnel stage and other key factors. Empower your merchandising teams to explore both owned and third-party data with Sigma to better tailor product recommendations.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

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