Sigma for Marketing Analytics

Sigma’s marketing analytics solution empowers every marketer to easily access and analyze data across channels and campaigns in real time to ensure spend and resources drive maximum sales pipeline and ROI.

What your job is:

  • Defend spend and performance across channels and campaigns
  • Analyze multiple data sources (Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Terminus, 6Sense, Bombora, Adobe, Pardot, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Forecast and deliver high-quality, high-converting leads to sales
  • Create personalized customer journeys

Why you can’t do it:

  • Legacy business intelligence products are too complex to use and require knowledge of programming languages
  • The digital marketing analytics you get are static, high-level dashboards that generate more questions than answers
  • You’ve reached the limits of the spreadsheet, including stale data and poor scalability
  • Data analytics in marketing is siloed and collaboration is limited

Sigma’s Approach: Empower Everyone to Do Marketing Analytics

Sigma’s marketing analytics tool unlocks the knowledge and creativity of everyone to do independent analysis — no more pain from spreadsheets or waiting on others to deliver answers or static dashboards!

Familiar spreadsheet interface

Easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface you already know and love, with familiar functions and formulas. Stop waiting for help from your BI teams and get the answers you need in real time.

Example: To track online ad performance in seconds, group ads by name, divide total costs by clicks, and turn into a chart. Easy to use!

Real-time insights at scale

Directly access and explore all your data in real time with unlimited scale and speed, even when combining millions of data points across many marketing and sales data sources and CSVs.

Example: In real time, join millions of online ad and CRM data points to show execs the latest marketing attribution. Prove your contribution!

Beyond the dashboard

Your marketing dashboards are just the beginning. Easily create your own interactive dashboards and, as they generate questions, drill into all the raw underlying data for fast answers.

Example: Dashboard shows a spike in customer acquisition costs. Drill down to the raw data to see what is causing this. Unlock your inner data nerd!

Collaborative analytics

Since Sigma is in the cloud, it’s easy to collaborate, share data and visualizations, and build off one another’s work in real-time to generate more meaningful analyses.

Example: A worksheet you built identifies a valuable customer cohort. Share it with the loyalty team so they can focus outreach on that cohort. Leverage the power of the team!

“We now make decisions based on data we see in Sigma. We can finally tie together the complete buyer journey from the first impression with our brand to the time they buy and then even through customer lifecycle marketing.”

Ian Adams VP of Sales and Marketing, Yesware

How Marketers Use Sigma

Join the ranks of today’s modern marketing leaders who use Sigma’s marketing analytics software to independently analyze, share, and act on data for critical needs, including:

Marketing attribution analytics

Constantly being asked to measure and prove your team’s contribution to sales leads and bookings? Sigma makes it easy to perform attribution analytics with real-time visualizations from multiple data sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Eloqua, to attribute marketing ROI across channels and campaigns. Double down on channels that work, remove the ones that don’t, and march into that meeting with your CMO with confidence!

Customer segmentation analytics

Never argue with sales over low quality leads again! Group customers and prospects by factors like lifetime value, acquisition cost, company size, time to close, and more to identify and understand your highest value cohorts. Deliver on every forecast while maximizing conversion rates, increasing cost savings, and turning leads into revenue at high speed.

Customer journey 360

Wrangling millions of data points across dozens of touch points to build a customer 360 view is a struggle with most BI tools. Sigma makes pinpointing the right message to deliver at the right moments a snap, enabling personalized customer journeys that drive satisfaction and increase up/cross-sells. Turn your sales team’s most desired prospects into loyal lifetime customers!

Cohort Analysis

Segment data sets with information about users, prospects, or customers to better understand how to engage and interact with these specific groups.

Campaign spend attribution

Determine which touch points have the greatest impact on conversions when you break free from summarized dashboard views and manual backend spreadsheet extracts.