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Use case study

Campaign spend attribution

Identify your ads and platforms

First, you’ll need a list of your ads and the platforms on which they ran. Each row should represent an ad/platform combination. If an ad ran on multiple platforms, the ad will populate multiple rows (one for each associated platform).

Identify money spent per ad

Next, you’ll need a column displaying how much money was spent for each ad/platform pair. In the example above, this is represented as the [Money Spent (USD)] column. Your column names don’t have to match this example.

Select a conversion metric

Finally, you’ll need a conversion metric. In this example, we’ll look at sales leads. However, you may choose from a variety of other data points (e.g. products sold, account signups, initial conversion steps, website click-throughs, revenue from deals closed, or inboard sales contacts).

Group your data by platform

Data is easier to digest when it’s grouped into distinct categories. If multiple rows of data share a common value in a given column, you can group these rows based on that value. In this example, rows are grouped based on their value in the [Platform] column.

Calculate spend and ROI

Entering a single formula automatically calculates data across every row in a table.  In this example, [Money Spent] / [Sales Leads] calculates the cost per lead of each individual ad on a platform.

Visualize ad performance

Bar charts are great for displaying campaign spend attribution.
Add your ads and their calculated costs per lead to a bar chart to see a side-by-side comparison of your data.

Add color to distinguish ads by platform

Just like the rows in your table, each bar in your visualization represents an ad/platform combination. Color-code your visualization based on each ad’s associated platform to see which bars are associated with each platform.

Identify your best-performing ads

Now all you have to do is sort your data! Sort your ads by their cost per lead, and your visualization will represent their ROI accordingly.

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