Welcome to Sigma

Sigma unlocks the value of data by delivering cloud-scale analytics and business intelligence with the simplicity of a spreadsheet, complete with pivot tables and dashboards.

Empower business professionals and data teams to quickly explore, analyze, visualize, and collaborate, leveraging all of their Snowflake data.

How Sigma Works

Sigma is a fully-managed SaaS offering that translates the spreadsheet functions and formulas you already know into optimized SQL required to directly interact with cloud data warehouses. Instead of storing your data, Sigma utilizes optimized query execution at cloud scale to deliver interactive experiences over billion-row datasets.

Sigma Workbooks
  • Intuitive spreadsheet interface
  • Collaborative data exploration
  • Real-time dashboards & embeds
Sigma Engine
  • Automatic SQL translation
  • Fine-grained data permissions
  • Rapid setup & zero maintenance
  • Cloud-native data warehouse
  • Foundation for the modern data stack
  • Best in class security & performance

Sigma Features

Spreadsheet Experience

  • Work with live data in a spreadsheet
  • Use the spreadsheet formulas you know
  • Build visualizations quickly

Unlimited Exploration

  • Build pivot tables on your live data
  • Drill down to answer ad hoc questions
  • Slice and dice without the constraints of data cubes

Ad Hoc Collaboration

  • Analyze data in groups and across departments
  • Regulate what users can do with permissions
  • Leave comments in threaded discussions

Real-time Data

  • Connect to your cloud data in seconds
  • Work with live data – no extracts
  • Analyze data at near-infinite scale

Data Portals & Workflows

Sigma Workbooks enables data-driven decision-making within and across businesses. Sigma is built with extensibility in mind to empower organizations with data-driven insights.

  • Embed Sigma Workbooks in internal and external portals for access to live data insights
  • Extend warehouse models with data sources, descriptions, and relationships imported into Sigma
  • Robust features for integrating into modern data stacks – a metadata layer, pre-defined joins, ad-hoc joins, lineage, and materialization

Security & Governance First

At Sigma, we make every effort to provide secure data analytics and ensure our platform is protected at every layer of the stack.

  • We support the strictest compliance & security standards from HIPAA, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3 to GDPR & Privacy Shield
  • We provide native integrations with identity providers to ensure a seamless extension of our customer’s security policies (SAML, SCIM, OAuth)
  • Within our product, we provide a variety of controls to support governance and data access – from user feature and data permissions to row-level security

“With the combined compute speed and analytics capabilities of Sigma and Snowflake, we reduced
our time to data insight by 93%.”

Jessica Nielsen Data Analytics Manager at The E.W. Scripps Company