Curiosity, satisfied. 

Sigma’s spreadsheet interface brings your data warehouse to life so anyone can ask questions

Get to know your data

Exploring data doesn’t have to be a challenge


Sigma’s formula bar leverages skills you already have against the power of the cloud

Familiar Formulas

Transform data from your warehouse using the function bar. 

Spreadsheet Interface

From 10 rows to 10 billion, we let you dig into every line of your data.

Dashboard Reports

Ready to share? Put together an interactive, embeddable dashboard.

Scheduled Reports

Email the right insights to the right person at the right time.

Play as a team

Eliminate bottlenecks and collaborate across teams with visual data modeling and sharing


Link information together with visual modeling

Link / Relationships

Map out how data relates to each, then anyone can easily add linked data to Worksheets.

Easy Sharing

Use workspaces to share analysis with your teams or with with the entire organization.


Create calculations and definitions in Sigma, then let others use it as a starting point for analysis.

Object Badges

Point people to the right data. We all need a little help finding our way sometimes.

Say goodbye to barriers

Get everyone on the same page without writing SQL


Sigma converts user actions to SQL under the hood

Visual SQL Functionality

Get the power of SQL without writing code. From groups to window functions, it’s all in the UI.

SQL Runner

Not ready to give up SQL? Start in the SQL Runner, then share the results. It’s the best of both worlds.


Bars, lines, maps, oh my! Get a visual read on your data by dropping it into one of Sigma’s charts.


Find the data you need in Sigma and your data warehouse. Filters help narrow down the results.

Invest in the future with cloud analytics

Data lives in the clouds and so
should your analytics

Sigma lives in the cloud and integrates
with the most popular data warehouses.

Open the door without
increasing risk

Keep data secure in the warehouse, while
providing access to those who need it.

Empowerment through data access

“If your goals are to replace what you are doing now with something that is significantly better, and more reusable, and more extensible and faster… then Sigma is the obvious choice.”

Woody Anderson, CTO at Zumper

Why you should speak Sigma

“Sigma is a Cloud Business Intelligence platform that is easy to deploy and maintain. It’s also very intuitive for the business users to explore data.”

Craig Watson, Director of Technology at Philz Coffee

Simplicity with Sigma

“Sigma makes it easy to combine all your different data sources and ask any question your team has.”

Nish Thayakumar, Business Operations & Strategy Manager at Wizeline

Try Sigma on the House

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