Sigma Business Intelligence and Analytics for Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Amplify the impact of your cloud data platform by allowing users of all skill levels to access, query, and explore data directly.

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Sigma Is Proud To Be an Elite Snowflake Computing Partner for Cloud-Based Analytics and Business Intelligence

How Sigma and Snowflake Deliver Cloud-scale Analytics

A Spreadsheet Experience at Snowflake Scale

Sigma’s cloud-native analytics and BI tool allows users to tap into the unlimited scale and speed of the Snowflake Data Cloud to quickly unlock critical insights. Sigma’s spreadsheet-like experience allows anyone to freely explore, join, calculate, filter, and sort through billions of rows of data down to row-level detail — with no SQL or manual coding required.

How it works

“Coupled with Snowflake’s compute speed, the power of the cloud really shines through with Sigma. It’s been enjoyable to witness the excitement that employees get from Sigma over time. Everyone is excited to try new things and improve their data literacy.

Alex Mora Data Engineer, Clover Networks

Quick Setup, Faster Analysis

Sigma’s cloud-native analytics tool connects directly to the Snowflake Data Cloud and enables analytics in minutes without extensive setup or pre-modeling. Users can easily pull and join datasets from the Snowflake Data Marketplace directly into Sigma for powerful business intelligence.

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“Sigma makes it easy to extract value from your JSON stored in Snowflake. The spreadsheet interface and write back capabilities simplify data analysis and reduce the time to deliver value from all your data stored in Snowflake.”

Kent Graziano Chief Technical Evangelist, Snowflake

Keep Your Snowflake Data Safe

Sigma gives you direct, governed access to all the live data inside your cloud data platform, so users never have to extract or copy data for analysis. Sigma’s ability to pass through security management from the Snowflake Data Cloud provides simplified, complete, and consolidated control of who can access data as well as what they can do with it. Users can also endorse and curate datasets for collaborative analytics using trusted and secure Snowflake data

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Answers Across Applications

Model datasets in Sigma and write them back to Snowflake as SQL views, where they can easily be queried and reused to jumpstart analyses and power visualizations across your cloud data ecosystem. Sigma also enables teams to embed secure, interactive dashboards and contextually relevant analytics into the apps and workflows that employees, partners, and customers use.

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Instant data from Snowflake's cloud data warehouse

Understand Your Snowflake Usage with Dashboard Templates

Snowflake customers can gain insight into Snowflake compute costs, query performance, and user adoption with Sigma’s three out-of-the-box usage dashboards. Set up takes less than 5 minutes!

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instant data analytics from snowflake's cloud data platform