Sigma Business Intelligence and Analytics for Amazon Redshift

Empower both data experts and business teams to harness the scale and speed of Amazon’s data warehousing service, Redshift, using Sigma’s analytics and BI tool.

Unleash the Power of Amazon Redshift

Run queries in Sigma directly against your Amazon Redshift data warehouse, leveraging the compute power and speed of the cloud to securely analyze massive datasets and uncover real-time insights without ever moving, storing, or caching your data.

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Sigma data analytics on top of the cloud data warehouse

“Sigma has been a game-changer for Teachable, enabling us to put the power of Amazon Redshift in the hands of business users.”

Peter Jaffe Head of Data at Teachable

Improve Data Literacy with Visual Analysis

Using Sigma’s spreadsheet-like UI with Amazon Redshift warehouse’s powerful cloud data — and its simple integration with S3 — gives anyone the ability to visually analyze billions of rows of structured and semi-structured data without having to write a single line of code.

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Millions of rows of cloud data analyzed in Sigma

Collaborate Across Teams and Departments

Leverage Amazon Redshift data warehouse’s scaling capabilities and Sigma’s collaborative analytics approach to enable every team to get the answers they need, share dashboards and reports, and build on each other’s work.

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Sigma is proud to be part of the AWS Partner Network as an Advanced Technology Partner for cloud-based analytics and business intelligence.