Data+AI Summit

June 10-13, 2024  ·  Booth #91

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Meet with us


Data Intelligence in the front. A trillion records and growing in the back.

We’re incredibly excited to join you this year at Databricks Data+AI Summit 2024. Attend our customer sessions, visit our booth, or join our flagship evening events, and we'll show you how Sigma enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to see themselves in their data.

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Sigma featured sessions

Self-Serve Analytics App Development and Data Exploration

Wednesday, June 12
2:50 pm - 3:30 pm PDT
South, ESPLANADE, Room 159

Are your data apps and visualizations constrained by data extracts? With legacy analytics and BI, organizations often find themselves confined to ungoverned, static data snapshots, limiting their agility and stifling informed decision making. Leadspace, a leading AI-driven customer data platform and revenue management solution, challenged this norm by empowering users to explore live, dynamic data encompassing access to over a billion data signals through user-friendly, self-service tools. In this session, learn how simplifying the technology stack and integrating within a Data Intelligence Platform architecture minimizes data egress and scales operations efficiently.

We’ll also discuss the adoption of next-generation business intelligence techniques that incorporate embedded analytics, which reduces reliance on IT and accelerates the development process. Learn how these innovations provide the operational flexibility and data democratization necessary for rapid organizational growth.


Shane Pearson
Senior Vice President Product, Leadspace

Niel Coleman
Solution Architect & Embed Advisor, Sigma

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LLM-Powered BI: Turn Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights

Wednesday, June 12
11:40 am - 12:00 pm PDT

Traditional BI tools have not fulfilled the promise of self-service — nor made unstructured capital markets data ready for decision making. That led business teams at private equity firm TheJordan Company (TJC) to rely on static, ungoverned data extracts. In response, TJC simplified its infrastructure with next-gen BI and Databricks, which modernized its business with AI, including a direct interface to LLM models.

Learn how TJC now enables line-of-business teams to have true self-service to query, analyze, visualize, and write back data independently — as well as automate intensive tasks like term sheet summarizations and wage analyses. This process enables technical and non-technical users to interact with data in a spreadsheet-like UI that simplifies SQL query generation. Learn the critical lessons in implementing a modern system that ensures data is live and scalable on1B+ rows, facilitates visualization from Databricks, and supports capital markets decision making.


Rich Caputo
Director of Data and AI, TJC (The Jordan Company)

Fran Britschgi
Solutions Architect, AI & Data Science, Sigma

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