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F500 Wholesaler Depends on Sigma to Meet SLAs


The leading foodservice distributor in the U.S. is a Fortune 500 company that partners with 300,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. Like just about every company today, large and small, this foodservice distributor has a lot of data, including a multi-billion row dataset of service level data.

More than 2000 employees access the company’s Service Level Impact dashboard in Tableau multiple times a day to identify issues that must be addressed to ensure fulfillments are achieved and SLAs are met. However, the data powering the dashboard is summarized and aggregated due to scale limitations. Employees have to request an extract of all of the data related to the specific issue from the BI team to determine exactly what the issue is, why it had happened, and which action should be taken to resolve it immediately. In short:

  • Scale limitations and an inability to anticipate ever-changing data requirements prevented employees from gaining timely access to all of the data needed to conduct root cause analysis and find solutions to extremely time-sensitive issues.
  • The BI team was spending 20% of its time answering ad hoc questions and extracting data – data that needed to be continuously refreshed as issues evolved or requirements changed – for business teams.
  • Lack of timely access to data negatively impacted employees’ ability to fully understand and resolve issues, which led to missed SLAs, penalties, and ultimately, customer retention and acquisition challenges.

With Sigma, employees now have all of the data needed to determine root cause, find solutions, and take action.

Direct access to Snowflake

Sigma was purpose-built for Snowflake and cloud data warehouses. Employees now have direct access to live data in Snowflake, ensuring that everyone is always working with the same current data – no more stale extracts, data sprawl, or conflicting insights – and the data stays safe in Snowflake.

Unlimited scale and speed

Sigma is a cloud-native solution delivering unlimited scale at cloud speed – no summaries or aggregates necessary. Employees can now easily analyze and filter billions of rows of transactional data, enabling them to drill down into data without rendering or latency delays.

Self-service data exploration

Sigma’s spreadsheet interface makes iterative ad hoc analytics available to anyone, especially those that are accustomed to analyzing data in spreadsheets. Today, employees analyze data and create pivot tables in Sigma, just as they had in Excel, so they can quickly address potential issues before they become serious problems.

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We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions or rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in realtime.