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Bring Outsiders To Your Workspaces With Guest User Access

Jack Qian

Software Engineer at Sigma Computing

Zalak Trivedi

Product Manager at Sigma Computing

Collaboration with outside partners has been among the most requested functionality by Sigma users. We’ve been diligently working on ways to improve collaboration for our users for a while and are super excited to announce Guest Users. This means we’re making it easy to bring anybody into your Sigma org. Yay!

We at Sigma understand that sharing data outside the organization without appropriate guard-rails is risky. Sharing static csv exports means more documents to manage, conversations happening on outdated data, and barriers to get work done quickly.

Thankfully, there is now a way in Sigma to break down these collaboration barriers. Guest User access will allow you to work seamlessly with your external collaborators while granting limited visibility to your company’s Sigma workspaces and data.

When Do I Use Guest Users?

Guest users are anyone who you want to have limited access to the Sigma workspace, for example: contractors, interns, agencies, freelancers.

You, as a Sigma customer, are already performing complex analyses on your data in your cloud data warehouse. Instead of downloading the data and sharing outdated CSVs outside the organization, external collaborators can be invited as Guest Users and can participate in the data analysis alongside you. With our Guest Users functionality, you can feel secure that only the data you share with them will be seen by them.

There are many reasons why you might want to share your data in a safe, controlled way with your partners, as Guest users. Here are some ways our beta customers have leveraged the feature:

  • Sharing transaction data with business partners to balance their books
  • Sharing revenue projections with board members
  • Sharing analysis of a marketing campaign with an external agency
  • Collaborating with a contractor for salesforce operational analysis
  • Providing limited data access for interns

How Do I Get Access To This Feature?

Well to start off, you’ll need to be a Sigma customer. If that’s not the case, try a demo, join a free trial or talk to one of our team members here – we’d love to help you get started!

If you’re already a customer, things are easy! Reach out to your Sigma account executive to learn more and to start inviting users to Sigma! Have questions? Check out our docs here.

We invite those of you who are new to Sigma to check out our online demo and join the free trial!