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Application Performance Monitoring Leader Increases NRR with Sigma


A leader in cloud application performance monitoring (APM) helps thousands of enterprises around the world automate cloud operations and deliver better digital experiences to their customers. This type of service generates a lot of data, including millions of rows of product, usage, and customer data.

The Business Intelligence (BI) team is responsible for strategic data initiatives, enterprise reporting, and supporting business teams throughout the company by answering data-related questions, running ad hoc reports, or supplying them with data extracts so that they can find the information needed to make critical decisions. The demand for data was increasing and fulfilling requests from business teams took 20% or more of the BI team’s time each week. The BI team leverages PowerBI, but it was too complex for business teams, like Finance and SalesOps, to use, which led to several issues for the company:

  • Security, governance, and compliance concerns due to data extracts, data sprawl, and outdated data.
  • The BI team was unable to dedicate enough time to strategic data initiatives and projects.
  • Lack of timely access to data prevented the Finance team from accurately understanding customer behavior by cohort, product telemetry, and renewal rates, hindering their ability to accurately forecast revenue. The SalesOps team also couldn’t see a holistic view of the opportunity pipeline, pricing down to the customer level, or the impact different discount rates had on revenue, making it impossible to develop pricing strategies that would enable them to capture the most revenue.

With Sigma, the BI team can create scalable, reusable data products for the Finance and SalesOps teams to securely leverage to conduct cohort analysis, forecasting, scenario modeling, and more independently, which allows the business teams to optimize revenue and the BI team to focus on higher-value data projects.

Direct access to PostgreSQL

Sigma was purpose-built for the cloud. The Finance and SalesOps teams now have direct access to live data in PostgreSQL, ensuring that everyone is always working with the same current data - no more stale extracts, data sprawl, or conflicting insights - and the data stays safe in PostgreSQL.

Unlimited scale and speed

Sigma is cloud-native and delivers unlimited scale at cloud speed – no summarized or aggregated data. Business users can now easily analyze and filter billions of rows of product and customer data, enabling them to drill down to the most granular level of data without rendering or latency delays.

Self-service data exploration

Sigma’s spreadsheet UI makes iterative ad hoc analysis available to anyone. Business users now slice and dice data, build pivot tables, and create new complex calculations on the fly, enabling them to accurately assess pipeline, forecast, identify net new logos, and set pricing to optimize revenue.

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We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions or rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in realtime.