March 29, 2023

Sigma Computing Achieves Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Designation

Sigma Computing is happy to announce we have successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Google Cloud’s newest fully managed PostgreSQL- compatible database service for most demanding enterprise database workloads.  

Sigma’s workbooks with its spreadsheet-like UI and drill-down capabilities, enables the data teams to collaborate on and govern transactional and analytical data workloads housed in Alloy DB. By running analysis on AlloyDB, Sigma's workbooks are able to access and process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, enabling users to gain insights and make informed decisions in real-time without writing a single line of code. For analytics engineers using Sigma, Sigma provides capabilities to access and query data directly in the database, write their own SQL code, and integrate their queries into Sigma's workbooks seamlessly.

Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB is a new designation for the solutions of Google Cloud’s technology partners that integrate with AlloyDB. These partners have closely collaborated with Google Cloud to add support for AlloyDB into their solutions and tune their existing functionality for optimal outcomes. This designation recognizes the partner solutions that have met a core set of functional requirements and validated in collaboration with Google Cloud engineering teams.

“We’re delighted to recognize Sigma with the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation,” said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “The designation indicates that customers can easily and effectively bring Sigma’s capabilities in no-code analytics alongside AlloyDB, creating opportunities for better visibility and insight into their critical data.”

By earning this designation, Sigma Computing has proven their product(s) has met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with AlloyDB and refined documentation for ease of onboarding by customers. This designation enables customers to discover and have confidence that the Sigma Computing products they use today work well with AlloyDB or save time on evaluating them, if not already using.

Being part of the program, Sigma Computing get more opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and AlloyDB teams to develop joint roadmaps

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