Accelerate Your Analytics Velocity to Drive Growth in Financial Services

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Transform Your Financial Services Analytics

Access billions of rows of live cloud data for ad-hoc analysis in real-time

Empower data-driven decision-making with Sigma’s live spreadsheet experience. Sigma allows you to escape the speed and scale limitations of traditional spreadsheets and business intelligence (BI) tools.

“If we receive a regulatory inquiry or an inquiry from auditors, anyone can now go into Sigma, easily retrieve those records for any given date, and provide them with confidence, knowing the data is accurate.”

Ross Levin Managing Director, Global Clearing, Settlement & Securities Finance, Cowen Inc.

Time is Money: Save Both with Agile Cloud Analytics

Agile financial analytics empowers teams to do more, faster, and with more flexibly than ever before. Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface allows anyone to analyze real-time financial data at cloud scale and speed — without having to go to the Business Intelligence team or learn how to code.

With Sigma, you can independently investigate billions of rows of live data and collaborate with teammates to answer business-critical questions and drive business decisions in real-time with a single, fully-governed platform.

Financial Services Sub-industries that benefit from more agile cloud analytics include:

Reimagine What Spreadsheets Can Do

Familiar UI with Unlimited Scale

Traditional spreadsheets, like Excel, have too many limitations to meet the needs of modern banks, investment experts, and analysts. The transformational power of flexible, governed exploration of data gives domain experts data superpowers to make breakthrough discoveries and achieve faster time-to-insights than ever before.

Sigma’s transformational spreadsheet experience delivers:

  • Direct and instantaneous access to your complete source data
  • The ability to pivot, calculate, filter, and sort through your data in real time
  • Modern governance and security in sync with your cloud data platform

Powerful, iterative self-service analytics

Put FinServ in the Driver's Seat

Access to pre-canned reports and drill-down paths doesn’t fully leverage the capabilities of your domain experts. They need the ability to freely explore and analyze their data in a spreadsheet experience they love.

Sigma is a true self-service analytics solution that empowers FinServ experts to:

  • Quickly drill down anywhere and calculate anything
  • Perform flexible analysis without requiring SQL or other code
  • Answer questions live, eliminating the need for expert help

Agile Financial Services

Iterate Quickly to make Data-Driven Decisions

Speed, comprehensiveness, and flexibility of data access are your competitive advantage, especially in an industry where minutes or even seconds can make – or cost – millions. FinServ teams need a financial analytics platform that allows them to perform fast, iterative analyses with confidence.

Sigma empowers teams to:

  • Access all the data business experts need to make decisions
  • Empower your organization to move faster than ever
  • Derisk business operations by creating resilience to unexpected events

Complex Financial Analytics Faster – And More Secure – Than Ever Before

Financial Trading Analysis

Quickly crunch through massive amounts of trading data to identify patterns and optimize performance.

Investment Analysis

Maximize the value of your data assets. Time is money, especially when your investment decisions are dependent on completing complex data analyses on billions of rows of data.

Scenario Modeling

Breakthrough uncertainty and model any scenario at lightning speed. Explore “What if?” questions to evaluate possible outcomes based on different variables.

Root Cause Analysis

Get to the “why” of anomalies and business issues in order to find solutions and prevent them from happening again.