Careers at Sigma

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Companies have a growing amount of data, but very few people who know SQL. 
We’re here to help.

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We do the heavy lifting to create complex queries out of intuitive requests that users immediately understand how to make. We translate human to database. We allow everyone in the organization, from engineers to product managers to marketing and sales, to drill into the data and make smart decisions. No analyst required.

By employing a format that a billion people understand and already use — the spreadsheet — we’re opening up the possibilities of data to the entire organization. Sigma is how people use data. Instant answers to all our questions. Simple, and for everyone.

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Why Sigma

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Since the beginning, Sigma has worked to understand technology trends and build innovative solutions that support the growing need for people to take control of their own data story. Our Worksheet draws inspiration from spreadsheets and visual programming. Our Dashboards draw inspiration from interactive website builders and dataflow environments.

As a result, our product is quite different from what came before it. This presents our team with a steady stream of exciting challenges. These in turn drive our culture of internal experimentation, great technical execution, and widespread customer empathy.

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Our Perks


Competitive compensation

Looking for a great salary and solid stock options? You’ve come to the right place.


Amazing benefits

Medical, dental, vision, 401k, FSA, commuter… we’ve got you covered. Literally.


Flexible vacation

At Sigma, we work to live, not live to work. So go on, book that dream vacation.


Free food and drinks

We provide lunch from dozens of local restaurants every day. And coffee, of course!


Health and wellness

A healthy body supports a healthy mind, so we partner with Crunch Fitness and CorePower.



From flexible scheduling to parental leave to kids’ birthdays off, we support Sigma families.

“The introduction of the Cloud Data Warehouse was supposed to be the end all, be all, save all, but the data experience didn’t change because of the technical barrier of entry and the limitations of existing tools. We are completing that process and fulfilling the promise…”

Rob Woollen, CTO & Co-founder

What Will You Learn as an Engineer?

“How does Sigma compare to other tools? Well you can open a bottle with a knife. But it’s better and easier 
to use a bottle opener.”

Anton Bulyenov, Director of Front End Engineering

Join us and Make an Impact

The simplest solutions are often the hardest to achieve; at Sigma we confront this challenge on a daily basis. This is why we’re looking for ambitious, thoughtful engineers to join us, as we innovate and build customer facing features with love and care.

We’re looking for engineers who are sparked by the challenge of improving performance and reliability for our customers, across the stack, and leaders who want to lead and mentor in a fast-growing engineering organization

  • Query Compiler
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Visualization on Front End
  • Product Engineering on Front End