Why Sigma is Different

Sigma was designed to enable cross-functional teams to make data-driven decisions by harnessing the full power of the cloud. Sigma empowers everyone, regardless of technical expertise, to ask granular questions of their data in a familiar spreadsheet interface without scale limitations.

Spreadsheet Experience

The heart of the Sigma Workbooks unified collaborative canvas is a simple interface that enables you to model, analyze, visualize, and ultimately, present data-driven conclusions to your most pressing business challenges.

  • Empower business users with true self-service and an uninterrupted flow of analysis without having to ask for help
  • Curate data sets, iteratively analyze data, and make calculations against billions of rows of live data using spreadsheet skills, pivot tables, and formulas to find answers in seconds
  • Conduct root cause analysis and scenario modeling without writing SQL
  • Collaborate cross-functionally within a single workbook
Sigma's spreadsheet like interface

Built for the Cloud Data Warehouse

Sigma is a pure cloud-native SaaS solution that was designed to leverage the full power and flexibility of cutting-edge cloud data warehouse technology. It overcomes the limitations of traditional business intelligence and analytics tools.

  • Connect directly to live, trusted data in your cloud data warehouse and eliminate data extracts
  • Explore data within minutes of connecting to your warehouse for near-instant time to value
  • Enjoy near-zero maintenance and automatic scaling
  • Incorporate a wide range of data types, including JSON with automated parsing, into analyses
  • Maintain synchronized security and governance with your cloud data warehouse


Performance at Scale

A unique combination of direct connection to your cloud data warehouse and in-browser data calculation delivers a lightning-fast user experience at any scale.

  • Join data sets and analyze hundreds of billions of rows of data in seconds without having to summarize, aggregate, extract, or cube data for performance
  • Leverage the virtually limitless scale, processing power, and concurrency of your cloud data warehouse for a seamless experience with any number of users on any size of data
  • Communicate with your cloud data warehouse efficiently using optimized machine-generated SQL that is created for user actions
  • Enable cross-functional teams to collaborate so they can understand data down to a granular level and communicate results within a single Sigma workbook
Lighting Speed at any Scale

“Because Sigma feels like a spreadsheet, users haven’t hesitated to dive right into Snowflake data for faster insights.”

Alex Mora Data Engineer at Clover Networks