Not Your Average Business Intelligence Tool

Sigma is not “another traditional business intelligence tool.” We offer a highly differentiated architecture and approach that sets us apart as a next-generation BI and data exploration platform.

How Sigma Is Different

Sigma was built from day one with a familiar interface and SaaS architecture to enable a spreadsheet-like experience with unlimited cloud data warehouse (CDW) scale. This enables Sigma to deliver on the promise of true self-service BI, data democratization, and deep analytics where traditional BI tools have come up short.

Our differentiators fall into three main categories:

Built for the Cloud Data Warehouse

Sigma was purpose-built from scratch as a fully-managed SaaS product to take advantage of the CDW. Unlike other BI tools it is not retrofitted from on-premise to the cloud with architectural limitations.

  • Direct connection to live, accurate data in the CDW with no stale, risky extracts
  • Fast time to value; start exploring data in minutes
  • Teams easily work off the same data to improve collaboration
  • No maintenance from hardware or software installs, upgrades, or backups
  • Accommodates wide range of data types, including JSON


Uniquely Scalable

Sigma pushes all queries to the CDW for execution to take advantage of its near-unlimited scale and speed.

  • Ad hoc queries or dashboards against billions of rows of data return results in seconds
  • Fast queries even when joining massive data sets across diverse data sources
  • No need to summarize, aggregate, extract, or cube data for better performance
  • Embed Sigma dashboards into other apps for an unlimited number of viewers
Lighting Speed at any Scale

Familiar User Interface

Sigma uses an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface for exploring and analyzing data and creating visualizations. Everyone can easily use it, including non-technical business users.

  • Interface converts user actions into optimized SQL so no technical skills or coding are required
  • Easy to go from exploring row-level data, to summaries, to visualizations
  • Single click on a dashboard to get to underlying data for more analysis
  • True self-service analytics and fast time to insight for all users and all their data
Sigma's spreadsheet like interface

“Because Sigma feels like a spreadsheet, users haven’t hesitated to dive right into Snowflake data for faster insights.”

Alex Mora Data Engineer, Clover Networks