From Our CEO: Coming Together Amid COVID-19

Rob Woollen

CEO, Sigma

Yesterday, in the middle of a Zoom meeting with my co-founder, Jason, one of my boys burst into the room to announce that his brother stole his snack and temporarily derailed the discussion. After order was restored, all I could really do was laugh. Jason laughed too. Plus, he had a drawing of a tree fort sitting on his desk — a gift left by his daughter that morning — so he didn’t really have a leg to stand on.

It goes without saying that the challenges we’re all facing right now are unprecedented. It’s weird. It’s surreal. It is definitely worth recognizing the strange feelings we’re all having as we navigate our way through each day, but at the same time, I am confident that we will come out on the other end of this stronger and better.

As the current situation continues to evolve and we all figure out ways to deal with the uncertainty ahead, I wanted to share how Sigma is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for our employees, our customers, and the public.

Weeks before the Bay Area’s “shelter-in-place” order forced companies to have staff work from home or cease operations, our leadership team made the decision to go fully remote to protect our employees, their families, and our community at large. We view these 70+ amazing people as the most valuable assets we have, and are using company resources to assist them and their loved ones during this difficult time. Without their creativity, ingenuity, and incredible work ethic, there is no Sigma — we’re a community. We’re in this together.

Photo: The Sigma team during our first 100% virtual all-hands meeting

I want our customers to know that we are committed to providing uninterrupted service and assistance. Fortunately, as a cloud-first company, working remotely does not affect our day-to-day operations. We’re leveraging all of the modern tools and technologies at our disposal to keep moving forward without pause.

Lastly, I want the greater community to know that Sigma is committed to forging ahead, getting creative, and doing our part to keep our economy thriving. Sigma and the Sigma team will do what we can to continue to support small business owners and seek out opportunities to donate our services to those helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic. We are determined to make this a mere moment in our history and turn it into a catalyst for positive change.

All of this has only underscored to me just how critical it is for companies to move to the cloud. And it has further reinforced my confidence in the value our product offers. Now more than ever, companies need to use their resources wisely and make impactful, data-driven decisions. Sigma empowers people to do just that.

For the time being, we’ve canceled all of our in-person events. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on creating interactive webinars, online courses, and downloadable resources that will provide actionable tips and strategies. One newly available resource is our analysis of coronavirus data in Sigma and exploration of how Sigma can be used for contingency planning: 

On Demand Webinar: Analyzing COVID-19 in Sigma. It’s important we all come together during this difficult and uncertain time to seek answers. In addition to analyzing the impact of COVID-19 across the globe using our soon-to-be-released dashboards, we’ll  walk you through how to do what-if analysis and contingency planning in Sigma.

Information about our other virtual events and resources can be found here.

In tough times, be the egg

Those close to me know that I think eggs are gross (sorry to all you egg-lovers out there). My feelings about eggs aside, I’m fond of this quote and have been thinking about it a lot the last few days:

“The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.” – Unknown

Life will always throw unexpected challenges our way. We have no control over that. But we do have control over the way we respond to them. Times like these give each and every one of us the opportunity to step up as community helpers, support those in need, and demonstrate outwardly who we are on the inside.

As we settle into our new normal — filled with energetic kiddos and their awesome drawings all around us — it’s inspiring to see the team step up and work harder than ever to fulfill our mission of opening up the power of data to everyone.

I’m extremely proud (and slightly grossed out) to say that everyone here at Sigma is an egg.

Stay safe and take care of each other.
– Rob Woollen