Sigma Workbooks

Sigma Workbooks provides an easy-to-use, collaborative canvas purpose-built for business teams. It unifies spreadsheets, visualizations, and text for easy data storytelling — enabling teams to find answers and make fast, accurate data-driven decisions.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Users can easily turn analyses into interactive visualizations and dashboards within the Sigma collaborative canvas. If a visualization generates a new question, authorized users can just click into the underlying, granular data for further analysis.


  • Visualizations are powered by live data so they are always up-to-date, don’t need to be re-built, and feature 1-click visual filtering
  • Intuitive “drag & drop” makes it easy for anyone to change the layout for optimal data storytelling
  • Securely embed workbooks and dashboards into internal, external, and custom applications

Spreadsheet Interface for Analysis

The intuitive, cloud-scale spreadsheet interface within Sigma empowers anyone to analyze live data down to the lowest level of detail using familiar formulas so insights are discovered easily and quickly — without ever writing a single line of code.


  • Familiar spreadsheet interface with near-unlimited scale and functions, formulas, filters, sorts, and pivot tables for analyzing billions of rows of data in seconds
  • Seamless integration of analysis and visualizations across pages within a workbook to better organize and present analysis
  • User actions auto-generate optimized SQL that is sent to the cloud data warehouse
  • Visually join data tables (data blending) and parse JSON
  • Easy row-level data grouping for segment or cohort analysis and support for advanced analyses, like cross-level calculations, scenario modeling, forecasting, and more

Data Modeling & Datasets

Sigma offers intuitive, flexible visual data modeling options so raw table data can be curated, simplified, or joined and turned into governed, user-friendly Datasets, saving BI teams valuable time.


  • Datasets are powered by live data so they are always up-to-date
  • Easily leverage Datasets across multiple Sigma Workbooks
  • Materialize Datasets in your cloud data warehouse for faster performance
  • Users can provide critical context by adding “plain English” table and column descriptions
  • Advanced users can optionally skip modeling and directly access raw table data in your cloud data warehouse


Sigma’s cloud architecture enables easy, controlled sharing, commenting, and reuse of live analyses, visualizations, and datasets that harnesses the power of the team for faster, better decision making.


  • Sigma makes it easy for teams to collaborate on multiple, live data elements on a single page — enabling them to create, iterate, and find insights that drive outcomes
  • 1-click sharing with granular role-based access control ensures data and analyses are shared appropriately
  • Workspaces make it easy for teams to find relevant data and analyses
  • Dashboard and element comments facilitate group collaboration


We built Sigma with security and governance in mind, which is why we included features like roles-based access, row-level security, SSO/IdP integration, immutable hosts, container checking, and threat detection. At Sigma, we make every effort to provide secure data analytics and ensure our platform is protected at every layer of the stack.

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Embedded Analytics

Sigma’s embedded analytics extends, accelerates, and monetizes the value of your data. Authorized viewers of analytics embedded in internal, external, and custom applications can click into the underlying governed data and conduct analysis to answer new questions as they arise.

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How It Works

When users take action in Sigma's familiar, spreadsheet UI, Sigma automatically translates these actions into perfect SQL. All queries run live against your cloud data warehouse, and the results are passed back to Sigma.

Easily access and analyze real-time data

Sigma empowers business users to quickly get answers with a familiar experience they know how to use and the capability to iteratively create complex analysis that doesn't require IT development.

Keep data safe inside your warehouse

Unlike legacy BI and analytics tools, cloud-native Sigma never moves, stores, caches, or copies your data. Sigma automatically translates all front-end actions into perfect SQL in your cloud data warehouse.

Leverage the power of the cloud

Run queries in Sigma directly against your cloud data warehouse, where you can leverage the compute power of the cloud to quickly analyze massive datasets in real time.

“With the combined compute speed and analytics capabilities of Sigma and Snowflake, we reduced
our time to data insight by 93%.”

Jessica Nielsen Data Analytics Manager at The E.W. Scripps Company