Platform Features

Sigma offers intuitive, powerful features and capabilities that enable next-generation business intelligence and deep data exploration for all users and teams, against all their data, and at scale.

Sigma Capabilities

Sigma’s business analytics software features enable anyone to easily perform advanced data exploration and analysis, build visualizations and dashboards, collaborate with colleagues on analysis, and perform data modeling if needed. The result is data democratization with everyone using live data to quickly make accurate decisions to improve the bottom line.


The Sigma worksheet is a spreadsheet-like user interface between users and the data in their cloud data warehouse (CDW). It lets users explore and analyze all their live data down to the lowest level of detail to get to fast insight. The worksheet does not require SQL so even non-technical business users can easily use it.


  • Familiar spreadsheet-like interface, functions, formulas, filters, sorts, and pivot tables
  • User actions are auto-generated into optimized SQL and sent to their CDW
  • Unlimited scale and speed for 1 to billions of rows of data
  • Full support for joining of table data and JSON parsing
  • Easy to group row-level data for segment or cohort analysis
Business Analytics Software

Visualizations & Dashboards

From the worksheet, users can easily turn analyses into dynamic visualizations and charts, which in turn can be added to custom, interactive dashboards. The dashboards present analyses in a visual manner to make it easy to spot trends or outliers that drive insights and action.


  • Live data powers visualizations so they are accurate and don’t need to be re-built
  • Wide range of chart type options and formats, colors, and fonts
  • One-click access from dashboard to underlying data to answer deeper questions
  • Interactive dashboards so a single click filters down data to what is relevant
  • Easy to securely embed dashboards into internal/external applications

Data Modeling & Datasets

Sigma offers intuitive, visual data modeling options so raw table data can be curated, simplified, or joined and turned into user-friendly datasets. These datasets save BI teams time by making it easy to pre-model and curate data for non-technical users in a way they understand, driving faster, better analysis.


  • Datasets are powered by live, current data so they are always accurate
  • Datasets can be easily reused for use in multiple worksheets
  • Datasets can be materialized in your CDW for faster performance when analyzed
  • Users can provide context by adding “plain English” table and column descriptions
  • Advanced users can skip modeling and directly access raw CDW table data


Sigma’s cloud architecture enables the easy, controlled sharing and reuse of live data objects, whether datasets, worksheets, or dashboards. This lets teams work off the same, live data to unlock the collective power and insight of the team for faster, better decision making.


  • Easy, one-click ability to share any data object with others
  • Workspaces make it easy for teams to find relevant data and analyses
  • Dashboard comments facilitate group collaboration on visualizations
  • Granular role-based access control ensures data and analyses are shared appropriately
  • Easy to achieve balance of data collaboration with data security and governance


We built Sigma with security in mind, which is why we included features like immutable hosts, container checking, and threat detection. At Sigma, we make every effort to provide secure data analytics and ensure our platform is protected at every layer of the stack.

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Embedded Analytics

Sigma’s embedded analytics tool extends, accelerates, and monetizes the value of your data by securely embedding dynamic dashboards in internal, external, and custom applications.

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How It Works

When users take action in Sigma's spreadsheet UI, Sigma automatically translates these actions into perfect SQL. All queries are run live against your cloud data warehouse, and the results are passed back to Sigma.

Easily access and analyze real-time data

Sigma empowers business users to quickly get answers with a familiar experience they know how to use and the capability to iteratively create complex analysis that doesn't require IT development.

Keep data safe inside your warehouse

Unlike legacy BI and analytics tools, Sigma never moves, stores, caches, or copies your data. Sigma automatically translates all front-end actions into perfect SQL in your cloud data warehouse.

Leverage the power of the cloud

Run queries in Sigma directly against your cloud data warehouse, where you can leverage the compute power of the cloud to quickly analyze massive datasets in real time.

“With the combined compute speed and analytics capabilities of Sigma and Snowflake, we reduced our time to data insight by 93%.”

Jessica Nielsen Data Analytics Manager, The E.W. Scripps Company