Sigma + dbt

The Modern Modeling Toolkit

Sigma and dbt promote a collaborative,
interactive data modeling ecosystem

A New Approach to the Data Transformation Workflow.

Data subject matter experts use Sigma to:

  • Understand their data and share exploratory models
  • Work quickly and collaboratively
  • Understand which models should be centralized in dbt

Data experts use dbt to:

  • Centralize and standardize business logic
  • Build models
  • Generate and deploy tests across environments

Centralized business-critical logic.
Distributed exploration and iteration.

Define business-critical KPIs with your users instead of on their behalf — and promote them to your version-controlled dbt source of truth.

Explore, iterate, and understand your data faster than with SQL alone using Sigma’s UI to refine new models before they enter production. Never export to CSV again!

Centralize the models you know are valuable and critical to the business. Then orchestrate new business logic back into a dbt feedback loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

dbt should be modeled to the level of granularity that allows for performant data exploration by end users, while Sigma modeling should be exploratory in nature.

A Sigma model that is widely used and needed for enterprise KPIs should be considered for promotion into dbt. Modeling in Sigma should be for runtime execution — e.g., RLS, pass-through parameters, etc.

Sigma modeling can also be handy when separating duties between the DE/AE team and BI team. DE/AE can provide models at a certain granularity and allow the BI team to further refine those models in Sigma for end-user consumption.

The combination of Sigma and dbt allows our customers to follow the best practices of a modern tech stack. Keeping your data in a single source of truth helps to manage and maintain business logic, governance, and security.

Sigma directly connects to the objects in your warehouse so there is a natural extension of your dbt models directly where you explore them.

Better Together

Ready to build models with a shared understanding and agreement from your business experts?

Align expectations by including your stakeholders early, often, and throughout the data pipeline development process — if you’re using dbt, start a 14-day free trial of Sigma and see how easy collaborating can be.