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Changing the way

People use data

Our Vision

Data shouldn’t be behind walls. The key to an effective self service data culture is treating users like they know what they’re doing.

With Sigma, teams can easily create their own solutions that exactly meet their needs, then share the most effective methods across the organization.

We’re removing the barriers to using data.

We help our customers change the data conversation

Leadership Team

Rob Woollen

CEO / Co-Founder

Rob has over 20 years of experience building distributed and cloud systems. He spent 6 years at Salesforce.com serving as the CTO for the Salesforce Platform and Work.com and Sr Vice President, Platform Product Management. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Jason Frantz

CTO / Co-Founder

Prior to founding Sigma, Jason was at MapR as the architect for their distributed database, MapR-DB, and worked at Clustrix on distributed databases and query optimization. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering & Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology.

Ryan Ried


Ryan brings two decades of industry experience leading Sales teams at successful start-ups and enterprises alike as they navigated historical periods of growth. At Birst, Ryan led the sales team and helped scale the organization before being acquired by Infor in 2017.

Most recently, Ryan was the Senior VP of Sales at Seattle-based Chef, a leader in Continuous Automation software and one of the founders of the DevOps movement, where he led the team to record annual and quarterly sales in 2018.

Ryan is passionate about football, music and animals!

Latha Colby

VP of Engineering

Latha has a wealth of experience building world-class data management and analytics products at both startups and established companies. She was VP of Engineering at Workday where she led teams that built the Prism Analytics cloud service based on their foundational work at Platfora, a big data analytics startup. Prior to Platfora, she led engineering teams at ParAccel that developed the core database technology powering Amazon Redshift.

A serious student of art, nature and wildlife, Latha also managed to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University.

Julie Lemieux

VP of Product/Design

Julie is focused on enabling business people to query cloud data warehouses to answer their business questions – all without writing a lick of SQL. Previously, Julie worked at Databricks as the Head of User Experience, Heighten as the VP of Product & Design and served as the Chief Experience Officer for BI & Analytics at SAP.

Julie loves preparing food! She roasts her own coffee, cures and smokes meats, and is on a never ending quest to reverse-engineer her grandmother’s recipes from Quebec. On weekends you can find her working in her neighborhood butcher shop – for fun! 

Cristina Bravo Olmo

VP of Marketing

Cristina has 15 years of B2B marketing leadership experience, having shaped strategy and execution for some of the most successful brands in tech, including Zendesk, Marketo, Wrike and Trend Micro. Cristina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University.

Cristina loves using her powers of marketing to help people find their inner nerd.

Mike Brown

VP of Revenue Ops

Mike has over 20 years experience leading Finance & Operations teams, including over 8 years at SuccessFactors helping them achieve IPO and successfully complete acquisition from SAP. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from MIT.

He is passionate about beating plan.

Our Board of Directors

Mike Speiser

Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures. Founding CEO of Snowflake Computing and current board member.

‘Founding CEO of Pure Storage and current co-Chairman. Board member for Sumo Logic and Sila Nanotechnologies. Previous investments include Platfora and Clover.

Scott Dietzen

Four-time successful entrepreneur with Pure Storage, WebLogic, Zimbra, and Transarc.

Served as CEO of Pure Storage during its growth from pre-revenue to over $1B per year in six years and its successful IPO.

Kevin Wang

Partner at Altimeter Capital. Board member for Snowflake Computing.

He has more than a decade of experience working with disruptive high-growth companies and has led Altimeter’s private investments in HubSpot, MongoDB, Okta, Twilio, and AppDynamics.

John McMahon

Served as CRO at five public software companies. Served on the board of directors or an executive consultant for Snowflake, AppDynamics, Hubspot, Glassdoor, Sprinklr, Cybereason and Sumologic.

Our Investors

We are rewriting the rules of analytics. Sigma empowers domain experts to join the data conversation, answer the toughest questions, and drive insights.