Snowflake Usage Dashboards

As a Snowflake customer, you can use Sigma’s three out-of-the-box Snowflake Usage Dashboards to get insights into your compute cost, user adoption, and performance – all set-up in under 5 minutes!

Five clicks to get full visibility into your Snowflake data stack – ZERO configuration



  • Snowflake Performance Monitoring Tracks database, warehouse, and individual query performance.
  • Snowflake User Adoption Pulls user adoption information directly from your Snowflake instance.
  • Snowflake Account Usage Pulls account billing information directly from your Snowflake instance.

“Sigma makes it easy to extract value from your JSON stored in Snowflake. The spreadsheet interface and write back capabilities simplify data analysis and reduce the time to deliver value from all your data stored in Snowflake.”

Kent Graziano Chief Technical Evangelist at Snowflake