White Paper

How to Embed Sigma Visualizations in Salesforce

Embedding, in the general sense, is taking one application and placing it in another. We use embedding every day when we watch a YouTube video embedded in Twitter or a news site. With Sigma, you can take your dashboards and visualizations and securely embed them in an application.

Embedding can be internal (within your organization) or external (customer facing). We will dive into internal embed options, specifically within Salesforce, but the concepts are applicable to most internal applications.

The goal of this how-to guide is to walk through the different ways in which you can embed Sigma visualizations into Salesforce. This can range from a static dashboard with a simple iframe to custom APEX code that can pass parameters to filter the dashboard dynamically.

Embedding dashboards into internal applications can be very beneficial in the day to day flow and productivity of business users. Instead of having to flip between multiple applications to get answers to questions, the business user can get access to this information where they’re already working. This enables them to make much more timely, relevant, and informed decisions without pulling them out of their current process.

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