On Demand Webinar

What’s New in Sigma

October 2021

Do even more with your data and analytics thanks to Sigma’s new features and capabilities! Register for our live “What’s New in Sigma” webinar to ensure you get the most out these new features which include:

  • Custom Themes Admins can create custom themes and editors can apply them to any Sigma Workbook in the organization. Your workbook can now have a look that represents your brand or organizational identity.
  • Simple Request Access ProcessA “Google-style” process to request access to documents by clicking a Request Access button on the Access Denied page. Document owners will be notified of access requests by email and can easily grant requested access.
  • Navigation ControlsCreators can now add workbook drill down controls, allowing users to maneuver predefined categories and paths. A sidebar has been included on the left for quick access to navigation options. This interactivity enables viewers to see data in the manner they desire.
  • Element Level CollaborationComments can now be made at the element level, allowing for better collaboration on a data canvas. 
  • Data Versioning and ListsView or restore older versions of a dataset with ease. Bulleted and numbered lists are now supported in text elements on a data canvas


Jon Avrach

Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma

Joe Goldberg

Director of Product Marketing at Sigma