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Supply Chain Optimization 

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A supply chain is the network of people, companies, suppliers, resources, information, and activities involved in producing products and getting them into consumers’ hands. Supply chains span from raw material generation all the way through final sale and encompass the flow of products through stages including manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment, and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic put tremendous strain on the global economy — and its impact on the global supply chain is only beginning to take effect. For example, the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book survey notes that disruptions in production and supply chain logistics are responsible for significant price surges in commodities like agricultural products, building materials, cleaning products, and microchips.

Supply chain optimization can help organizations uncover and address hidden risks, but it is only possible when organizations have an end-to-end view across the entire supply chain.

Want to learn more? In this multi sheet, we dive into how Sigma is helping businesses:

  • Increase profit margins
  • Anticipate and mitigate disruptions
  • More accurately forecast demands

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