May 12, 2023

Putting Data to Work: The Rise of Embedded Analytics

Most organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of data, but this data is often not available to the end users that need it (customers, partners, suppliers, etc.). On top of that, it’s hard to satisfy the never-ending deluge of new reporting requests. 

Join Sigma Sr. Director of Solutions Architecture, Jon Avarch, and Technical Product Marketer Zack Norton as they dive into how to build and embed dashboards into a customer-facing portal with little/no code. The speakers will discuss how embedded analytics and data science functionalities (within websites or business applications via APIs) reduce change management and increase analytics adoption across organizations, along with some of the findings in the Gartner® Market Guide Embedded Analytics.


Jon Avrach
Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism, Sigma
Zack Norton
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Sigma
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May 12, 2023

We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud-native analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real⁠-⁠time.