How Data Analytics Empowers Retail Merchandisers to Thrive Through Disruption

Merchandisers live at that critical intersection between retailers and consumers, supply and demand, and inventory and marketing. In today’s fast-moving market, retail merchandisers are in a unique position to help their organizations navigate through disruption, mitigate losses, and even increase profits.

The key lies in being able to quickly pick up on rising trends and patterns and change tactics at a moment’s notice. But managing the sheer scale, volume and complexity of retail data has been an insurmountable roadblock — until now.

A new generation of modern BI tools built for the cloud is empowering today’s leading retail merchandisers to harness the full power of their data without specializing coding knowledge.

In this ebook, we dive into three data-driven techniques for:

  • Improving product affinity and market basket analysis
  • Product mix and placement strategies that drive conversions
  • Recommendation engine optimization and personalization

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