Case Study

PAYLOAD Accelerates Business Velocity After Implementing a Modern Cloud Analaytics Stack

PAYLOAD is an easy-to-use cloud application for logistics and supply chain management, delivering simple, accountable logistics tracking and reporting. Their logistics and supply chain management application collects vast amounts of a variety of data, including real-time coordinate capture, field ticket data for pickup and delivery, events that occur along a route, and much more.

Customers and internal decision-makers alike were hungry to get their hands on this data to integrate it with other systems and generate key business insights. However, due to the limitations of their cloud infrastructure, PAYLOAD had difficulties performing the most basic data imports, exports, integrations, and reporting. The infrastructure costs and time-spent performing these tasks began to quickly add up:

  • Development was spending hours each week updating database schemas for new reports, indexing the database to improve performance, creating fresh views for customers to export, and fixing any application errors these activities caused.
  • The team also faced additional infrastructure costs and slow reporting response times, with some reports taking up to an hour to load.
  • Due to PAYLOAD’s high security standards, customers couldn’t integrate PAYLOAD application data directly into their systems and were left with extracts of data that had to be completely restructured before use. 

After modernizing its analytics stack, PAYLOAD has harnessed the full power of its data, leading to: 

Faster performance 

Sigma was purpose-built for the Snowflake Data Cloud and cloud data warehouses. Reports that used to take up to an hour to load using PAYLOAD’s previous infrastructure now take less than ten seconds — and that’s without any query optimization.

Fully-integrated data

Sigma is a cloud-native solution delivering unlimited scale at cloud speed — no summaries or aggregates necessary. Data from the PAYLOAD app and other business applications is now seamlessly integrated to give decision makers a more holistic and accurate view of business performance.

Real-time Insights 

Sigma’s spreadsheet interface makes iterative data exploration accessible to anyone, especially those that are accustomed to analyzing data in spreadsheets. Today, business users have  direct, governed access to the live data inside Snowflake and can analyze billions of rows of data and create their own reports.

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