Marketing Play #1

Nail Your Marketing Spend Attribution for Better ROI & Improved Decision-Making

Marketers have more sophisticated tools and greater access to data than ever before. But along with these expanding capabilities comes increasing expectations. Today’s C-suite and sales teams demand marketing leaders move beyond simple tactic-level thinking to strategic thinking that aligns with larger business goals and ultimately drives revenue.

Mastering marketing attribution is your first step to moving beyond tactical thinking to more strategic marketing that really moves the needle.

But ever-increasing volumes of data siloed across dozens of platforms make it difficult to accurately measure performance across channels, let alone holistically analyze and optimize those campaigns for maximum ROI. The result is often underperforming campaigns, wasted budget, and missed opportunities.

Loaded with actionable strategies and insights, this marketing play is your no-fluff, easy-to-implement guide to optimizing ad spend and increasing your paid campaign ROI. In this guide, we explore:

  • The five most popular attribution models
  • Proven techniques for integrating your marketing data
  • Key acquisition and conversion metrics to track
  • Strategies for optimizing campaign messaging

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