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Looking to Chartio a New Path? 

Get Next-level Visualizations + Ad Hoc Analytics with Sigma

We know you’re bummed Chartio is sunsetting its charting and dashboard tool 🙁 But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens — and this is the perfect opportunity to take your company’s data analytics capabilities to the next level with Sigma!

Sigma’s cloud-native solution harnesses the power of your cloud data platform to allow anyone to easily and securely join multiple data sources, generate striking visualizations, and explore billions of rows of live data on demand — all via a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Watch on-demand to hear Chartio’s former Director of Solution Engineering and current Sigma Solutions Engineer Kristian Fennessy discuss why leading companies are turning lemons into lemonade by migrating from Chartio to Sigma.

This on-demand webinar features:

  • Key similarities and differences between Chartio and Sigma
  • How Sigma’s spreadsheet UI, cloud-scale, and modern data governance empower companies to harness the full value of their data
  • Demonstrations of joining data sources, creating charts, and exploring data in Sigma
  • A live Q&A with a former Chartio and current Sigma employee


Kristian Fennessey

Current Solutions Engineer at Sigma

Former Dir. of Solutions Engineering at Chartio

Watch the Webinar: