May 19, 2023

How to Simplifying Scalable Cloud Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning Workflows

📣 Calling all data analysts, data scientists, and business users 📣

Join us to discover how a modernized data environment can revolutionize your data workflows. During this webinar, attendees will learn about:
👉Developing scalable data and analytics solutions
👉Enabling data consumers for advanced data workflows
👉Simplifying ad hoc analysis to for decision-making

Plus our very own Director of Product Management, Stipo Josipovic, will be joining the conversation as a guest speaker.


David Loshin
President of Knowledge Integrity
Keon Shahab
Solution Architect Databricks
Stipo Josipovic
Director of Product Management, Sigma
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May 19, 2023

We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud-native analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real⁠-⁠time.