Realizing the True ROI of Analytics & BI

How to Identify Untapped Opportunities & Drive Business Outcomes with Sigma

realizing the ROI of Analytics

Whether you’re making a case to purchase a new BI solution or attempting to prove the value of an existing vendor, you’re likely aware that measuring ROI for data analytics and business intelligence (ABI) software is complicated.

Unlike other tools, the true value of the data insights ABI solutions generate can’t be measured based solely on resource savings or a finite series of applications. It’s the unique or unknown opportunities ABI solutions can uncover and make possible — and the business outcomes they generate — that function as a true measure of ROI.

Evaluating ABI tools through this lens behoves BI and data leaders. The ability to transform data into a company-wide asset that drives business outcomes is the key to becoming a true organizational leader and securing a seat at the table.

This guide helps data decision makers more effectively evaluate and determine the true ROI of ABI solutions. It examines how two leading companies, Payload and Migo, were able to generate game-changing business outcomes using Sigma while achieving significant cost, time, and resource savings along the way. Their results include:

  • The creation of a brand new revenue channel
  • An 11% increase in marketing campaign ROI
  • $8,000+ cost savings per report
  • 7x faster report delivery times
  • And much, much more!

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