Can You Ask Your Dashboard Why?

How Leading Teams are Getting Closer to Their Data

Dashboards are the most popular way to share data insights. But are they providing real answers?

Dashboards are powerful and beloved reporting tools because they make data visual. 50% of our brains are dedicated to processing visual information, and studies show that companies that use data visualization are leaders in revenue growth. But despite their ubiquity, dashboards are leaving companies beholden to stale insights, error prone analyses, and stuck with more questions than answers.

This guide examines the true benefits of dashboards, ways teams use them incorrectly, and how the latest cloud technologies transform data visualization into the iterative and exploratory analytics teams so desperately need.

After reading the guide,  you’ll know:

  • 4 Benefits of Dashboards
  • 5 Critical Dashboard Limitations
  • How to Pair Dashboards with Cloud Analytics Tools
  • 4 Tactics to Go Beyond the Dashboard and Get Closer to Your Data

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