7 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Business Intelligence Software

The stakes to transform into a data-driven business have never been higher. From the sales floor to the C-Suite, every department wants to use data to its advantage. This should come as no surprise. Companies that embrace analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) continually outperform those that don’t.

No matter how large your BI budget is, choosing the right software is crucial to your success. But let’s face it: The business intelligence software landscape is gigantic. With hundreds of vendors out there, knowing which solution to evaluate and what features to look for can feel overwhelming.

If you’re evaluating BI software, you may be unsure where to start. What’s the difference between all the software vendors? Which capabilities and features are important to have? How should you approach the process? What’s changed since your last BI purchase?

Read our latest eBook to get answers to those questions and more. In this evaluation guide, we explore:

  • 7 questions every company should ask during the BI evaluation process
  • The top BI trends impacting your next BI purchase
  • The must-have features for any modern analytics and BI tool

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