BI Teams: Here’s How to Escape Report Factory Hell

March 10, 2020

Does this sound familiar? A business user comes to you with a data question. They struggle to articulate the nuances of the issue, so you make some best guesses to create a report and provide them with an answer.

But they aren’t happy. Maybe you misunderstood the problem. Or you’ve given them what they need but now they have more questions. So you iterate, you analyze, and you present. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours generating these low-level ad-hoc reports.

This is report factory hell, and it’s a dangerous — and frustrating — place to be. Register for our live webinar to hear Fictiv’s Business Operations and Strategy Analyst Franklin Pfaller and Sigma’s Solutions Engineer Elena Ularu share:

  • How Franklin took back 50% of his time to focus on more meaningful data projects
  • Ways Sigma enables BI teams to uphold data governance while giving teams the freedom to explore insights
  • Tips and technologies to improve data literacy among line of business colleagues


  • Franklin Pfaller, Business Operations and Strategy Analyst @ Fictiv
  • Elena Ularu, Solutions Engineer @ Sigma

Watch the Webinar:


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